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Fillmore Bakeshop cronut or cronot? [SF]

What's not to like? It's deep fried and dusted with vanilla sugar. $2.75 each, limit today: 4.

If there is future for these...watch for cinnamon sugar...vanilla custard...

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  1. It's not just about the trendy 'cronut'/Kronut at Fillmore Bakeshop.
    Go for the Peach Pie, the bread pudding, the croissants, the Danish pastries - it's all just wonderful, as the local neighbors will attest.

    Fillmore Bakeshop
    1890 Fillmore Street at Bush Street
    San Francisco
    (415) 923-0711

    1. Thanks for investigating! How was the wait and the line? I'm surprised that the price was so low.

      I've been wanting to see what a bakery with some chops could do with the concept. Fillmore Bakeshop would be the place.

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        "Kronuts were a huge success!! Thanks for everyone's patience, we can only fry 6 at a time, but making them in such small batches is what makes them so special! So tell your friends and get ready, next Saturday's will be Cinnamon Sugar and we'll try and make more!"


        For today's 9 am to 10 am window... the line was not-a-line, just hovering about to wait for the clock to strike 9 am. Easy laid back San Franciscans. We like it like that, don't we? We amused ourselves with coffees, croissants, and other treats to pass the time.
        That pix of the Posh version with glaze looks over the top... and the comment about "a morning bun with a hole..." the cronut/Kronut embodies deep-fried treasure at Fillmore Bakeshop.

        1. re: Cynsa

          At four o'clock, the last of the Kronuts were enjoyed with our friendly chowhounds, and declared tasty... with anticipation of next Saturday's Cinnamon Sugared kronuts at 9 am... better than a donut.

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            They were wonderful. And I'm not big on croissants or donuts. Good to share. I liked them because I cut them into sections, so you could see the layers. Also there's no need to eat a whole one by yourself.

            1. re: Windy

              Willfully misquoting Yoda: "There is no need, there is only want" ; -).Really looking forward to checking this place out for kronuts and more. Thanks for the tips.

              1. re: grayelf

                lol, the first was cut in quarters and with the intention of 'just one taste' but I continued to taste until the 4 pieces were gone. DH simply ate his Kronut, no hesitation there. The last two were cut in sample 'sections' by Windy about the size of donut holes... a mouthful that is easy to eat.
                I am now anticipating the Vanilla Custard version with unmitigated glee.

      2. Let's hope they are better than those Lee's Deli ones by Posh Bakery. Those are chewy, heavy and sickly sweet--like a Pilsbury biscuit with a hole cut into it. They are missing the flakey, buttery goodness of a croissant. Will have to try Fillmore Bakeshop

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          Yeah, based on the one I got from Lee's, I'm not eager to try another one. I can't figure out why they put custard in them, either. It just makes them heavier and soggier.

          1. https://www.facebook.com/fillmorebake...

            "We're not going to lie, this morning was Kronut mayhem and it was awesome! Thank you to everyone who came out, and our apologies to those who didn't get any. We aimed to make 140-200 and ended up making 275 (we sold out in 45 minutes). We will have them again next Saturday, most likely custard filled. Please share any pictures you might have ‪#‎fillmorebakeshop‬ ‪#‎kronuts‬"

            Line is forming at 8 am???
            I wasn't there this morning... next week's vanilla custard filling is tempting.

            1. Interesting read. I've said some flattering things about Fillmore Bakeshop on CH in the past, and I do think they keep up a couple of the traditions from Delanghe, but the last time I was in the store, it looked like they were cutting corners. Everything but the Macarons and Princess Cake looked amateurish and unappetizing, like a bake sale gone wrong.

              1. i went on saturday. got there around 8:45, there was definitely a bit of a line forming. once it hit 9am, they actually moved the line pretty quickly. ate around 9:25.

                this was indeed excellent - it was light and fluffy, tasted a bit like a donut, but had the crispy, buttery layers of a croissant. given taht the lines will only keep getting longer, i'm not sure when/if i'll go back again, but this is definitely legitimate.

                also, they fry up the donut holes that they cut out of the middle and hadn them out as free samples to people waiting in line, which i thougth was a nice touch.

                side note: their deep fryer is clearly a new addition, and the restaurant isn't ventilated to handle deep fryers, so there is a bit of an annoying smell of cooking oil.f

                  1. re: grayelf

                    And the winning moniker is . . . D's Nutz. Take that, Dominique!

                    1. re: grayelf

                      Likewise, it's only a matter of time until the New York lawyers send a nasty-gram to Back Yard Coffee Co in Redwood City: they are using the name Cronut, unimbellished by any sort of spelling puns. Although in this case, the Cronuts they are selling from Posh Bagel are doing damage to the Cronut brand; they taste like a donut that's been sitting in a vending machine for a week.

                    2. Here's the photo of last week's D's Nutz --- filled with lovely lemon cream and one sugar'd.

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                        This morning's D's Nutz at 9 am will be filled with chocolate salted caramel at the Fillmore Bakeshop - how can you not want to taste that?