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Aug 10, 2013 03:17 PM

hatch peppers

they are now at Whole Foods.

Opinionate Chef and others: who do you prepare them?

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  1. Wow, August 10 is super early for Hatch, especially shipped so far.

    What I do is build a very hot charcoal fire and lay them out on the grill, turning frequently with extra-long tongs, until they're fully blackened on the outside. If I've got less than 5 pounds of chiles, I just turn on all the hobs of my gas stove and roast them directly over the flame -- it's quicker than building a fire outside.

    Throw the blackened chiles into a large brown paper bag or something else that you can seal tightly (if you get a 25# bag roasted for you at a supermarket in New Mexico, they just chuck them into your basic black trash bag, which I'm sure makes some folks screech in horror) and hold them for 20-30 minutes.

    You can freeze them whole at this point if you're looking to use them later as rellenos or the like, but generally I go ahead and fully process them. Don a pair of food service gloves and strip off the charred, blackened skin and seed the chiles. (And de-vein if you want them milder: I usually de-vein about half the batch, depending on the average heat level of the chiles I nibble on during this step.) If you want diced chiles, dice them by hand and freeze. If your final destination is green chile stew and other foods of the gods, just run them briefly through a food processor and freeze the resulting thick slurry in 1/2-cup increments.

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      Looking at old threads, it seems they came this early in 2009 as well. Mid-late August for other recent years.

      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        After roasting a dozen home-grown Anaheims on the grill last night (post-lamb kebabs), I second the long tongs recommendation!

        I freeze the peeled & seeded peppers slit and flattened out between little rectangles of parchment paper, which makes it easy to retrieve as little or as much as needed from the freezer bag. Most often they're sliced into strips, but they're still intact enough to do little rellenos, and of course it's easy to process further -- dice or roughly puree.

        This has been a great growing year in the Blue Ridge foothills, and it looks as if I'll get another couple of dozen off my two plants. Love late summer and early fall...

      2. what jenny said except:
        --like my technique w/ roasted red peppers, i put cake rack on the high flame and place the peppers on that. (same thing i do for tortillas except over a low flame w/ the tortillas)

        -- i freeze them whole, beleving they retain more flavor that way.

        really appreciate your alerting us/i was actually just thinking about them and wondering... I called the Tenoche chef the other day to ask if he would (finally)be doing Rajas con Crema again. When i told him i'd been waiting since last
        year (yep, lazy me) he said he would look in the market and maybe do a special order for me. TBC......

        btw, w/ regards to your choc. question, aside from a particular few from Chocolee in boston and Mirabelle in Burlington VT, it's Rechiutti in San Fran that makes my heart skip. I try filled chocs whenever and wherever i find them, but nothing ever impresses me. would that that were not the case. sigh. yeah, like i really need to put on a few pounds......

        1. FYI, from my talks with the produce manager of the Woburn WF, this next week they will be shifting from one type of Hatch chile that is fairly mild (~1000 Scoville units) to the Big Jim variety, which has a bit more heat (~2000 units). "Hatch chiles" just mean chiles grown in Hatch NM -- there are many varieties.

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            I had no idea. that's terrific to know; thk you.

          2. I buy them roasted at the store and then use them in scrambled eggs, quiches and omlettes. I also mix them in to ground turkey for turkey burgers. I went to Central Market yesterday, where there is a full on Hatch festival going on at the moment (I reside in Texas) and they had Hatch chilis in everything from salmon burgers to sausage, crab cakes, brownies and cheesecake, muffins, breads, cornbreads, tortillas, chicken enchiladas, tamales....even gelato! I was overwhelmed and came home with too much but the possibilities are endless.

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            1. re: 2mel

              Sadly, here in Boston, we don't have the roast-at-the-store option. Hell, it's only been the last couple years that we've had many in the stores at all!