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Aug 10, 2013 02:37 PM

Thanksgiving week here we come!

Hi #NOLA board chowhounders.

I have exercised as much restraint as I can muster by waiting until August 10 to begin posting my November 2013 eating itinerary. Thanks for humoring me :}

Background: DH and I will be staying in FQ early in the week and, again, late in the week. Midweek/Thanksgiving we will lodged Uptown and there will be five family members. We want fun, lively places for the group meals Friday & Saturday.

I am trying for a good mix of meat and seafood, re-visits to a few favorites but mostly new-to-me places. Although we have two NOLA "newbies" we will likely try to avoid anything too traditional, or touristy. I have other opportunities to do those spots in 2014.

Here is the first cut with the ~N next to spots that are NEW to me.

Monday in/near FQ:

Lunch - Vacherie (Bar, not Cafe) ~N (would like feedback on Vacherie, I really like EatNOLA so thought it would be fun to try this spot.
HH: SoBou
Dinner: Rio Mar ~N (finally, OK!)

Lunch: American Sector ~N
HH: Luke
Dinner: Sylvain ~N

Lunch:Domilise's ~N
HH/Dinner: Coquette - upstairs for a party of 5 or 6?

'Da Track'
Homemade Thanksgiving

Confederacy of Cruisers Cocktail Bike Tour
HH: Carousel Bar
Dinner: Meauxbar ~N

Lunch: Toup's Meatery ~N
HH + Dinner: OPEN to any and all suggestions/reviews, I am debating between Peche, Kingfish, Tableau?

Brunch: Patois or Dantes
Dinner: HH @ Domenica

Thank you Chowhounders..... to dream, to plan, to envision the savory NOLA dining experience. November is just around the corner.

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  1. I would avoid Downtown/CBD that weekend as the Bayou Classic draws huge crowds to the area. I would re-think Carousel Bar & Tableau at that time as well.

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    1. re: MarignyTri

      That is good advice BUT I once had to take a visitor downtown to his favorite restaurant and that was the only day before he flew home. I called to check on tables and was told that there was plenty of room. And there was. I gather it is the case throughout the Quarter. bars are another story, of course.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        Thank you both for the heads-up. We could avoid fq/cbd for post t-day weekend
        meals but we had no problem w/3 nights @ country inn hotel ) cbd) and my daughter (resident) is parking-savvy. What about La Petite Grocery should we aim uptown?

        1. re: karendor


          Lunch: Cane & Table
          HH: Kingfish
          Late Dinner: Sylvain

          Lunch: American Sector
          HH: French 75
          Dinner: Peche

          Lunch: Domilise’s
          HH: Cure
          Dinner: Coquette

          ~Thursday, Thanksgiving
          DA TRACK

          Confederacy of Cruisers Bike/Drink Tour
          Lunch: Booty's
          HH: Rio Mar
          Dinner: OPEN, We've Got Soul or Toup's Meatery

          Brunch: La Petite Grocery
          Dinner: Tivoli and Lee

          Lunch: Maurepas
          Dinner: Domenica

          ~ Monday

          This is shaping up. :]

    2. Haven't been to We've Got Soul, but have had several REAL good trips to Toup's. Booty's is bound to please (cocktails there are super).

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      1. re: brucec

        Thanks, Bruce. Really appreciate the feedback!

        Daughter (who is the NOLA resident) loves Booty's but she has not been to Toup's yet, so I think both are solidly on our list.

        WGS is closed, right now, so we will just have to see when we get there.

        I think the plan is a good mix of upscale and down-lo. We have the large group later in the week which is why some of the more budget-minded spots are featured. I may well dine solo on Monday, so figure I can do some grazing if I've missed anything.

      2. UPDATE: 9oct13

        *** Still have some TBDs in there friends ***

        ~ Sunday Nightcap, TBD

        Lunch: Luke
        HH: Cane & Table ~N
        Dinner: Sylvain ~N

        Lunch: Toups Meatery ~N
        HH: American Sector ~N
        Dinner: Peche ~N

        Lunch: Domilise’s ~N
        HH: Cure ~N
        Dinner: Coquette

        ~Thursday, Thanksgiving
        DA TRACK

        Confederacy of Cruisers Bike/Drink Tour
        Lunch: Booty's ~N
        HH/Dinner: Rio Mar ~N

        Brunch: La Petite Grocery ~N
        Dinner: Tivoli and Lee ~N
        Music: Rock N Bowl

        Lunch: Maurepas or ?
        Dinner: Domenica

        ~ Monday
        Lunch: TBD
        Tour: 1850 Creole Christmas House
        Dinner: TBD

        This is shaping up. :]

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        1. re: karendor

          If you're going to the Rock & Bowl, I'd suggest going to the College Inn beforehand. (Though, to be honest, I haven't been to Tivoli & Lee yet.)

          I'm becoming more of a fan of Mariza's each time I go and it's missing from your itinerary. My suggestion would be to make space for them (unless you're some sort of vegan, which, well, it appears not -- Toups' cobb salad is excellent by the way) ... it's really excellent food and top notch hospitality. Old school Italian, like the kind of Italian you find in Italy: very simple sounding preparations with a ton of flavor. (Closed, I believe, Sunday and Monday.)

          (In fairness, I'm just rolling in from there after gorging on pancetta salad, short rib rigatoni, and salted chocolate terrine so maybe my judgment is clouded...)

          1. re: montuori

            Thanks, montouri. I am not hung up on Tivoli & Lee. YOCI gets lots of love -- and is new to me (and dear daughter, I think). Perhaps we will just T & L for HH ($1 wings)... and do both! I have a large crowd with me that evening (and I am the mom with the purse!) so I am trying to be a frugal diner. Good luck with that.

            Mariza sounds amazing:

            "....In fairness, I'm just rolling in from there after gorging on pancetta salad, short rib rigatoni, and salted chocolate terrine so maybe my judgment is clouded..."

            Since Mariza appears to be dinner-only that is going to be tough to fit in this trip, tho' am coming back in May '14 for last weekend of JF, so will add it to that list if we can't get there this visit.

            Thanks so much -- always appreciate your feedback.


          2. re: karendor

            I definitely recommend going to Domenica for Happy Hour - 1/2 price pizzas and wine! Although, I would still recommend the roasted cauliflower as an appetizer. Always makes me feel a little less guilty about overindulging on pizza and wine ;) However, the fried kale is really good too...

            I also second what hazelhurst said. While Bourbon Street will get packed with fans for the Bayou Classic, it really doesn't spill over too much into the CBD. We've have been going to New Orleans for several years during Thanksgiving/Bayou Classic and never had a problem with crowds or not being able to get a reservation.

            Have fun!

            1. re: punkin712

              That roasted cauliflower is what I love about a good kitchen. It is so simple yet so hard to pull off at that level of flavor and texture.

              While it is certainly a matter of personal taste and preferences, making a single ingredient the best it can be impresses me more than the kitchens that have turned into chemistry labs. (If I still had a searsucker suit I'd don it in solidarity with HH. :-) )

              1. re: collardman

                I am also of the same mind as HH and Errol Laborde - seersucker suites and even white, can be worn in some climes, even when some "fashionistas" decree otherwise - heck, they live in Milan, or Paris and NOT in New Orleans. What do they know?

                <<While it is certainly a matter of personal taste and preferences, making a single ingredient the best it can be impresses me more than the kitchens that have turned into chemistry labs. >>

                I certainly agree. I wonder about any restaurant that touts their cryo-system, or their grasp of Molecular Gastronomy. What happened to great food, done perfectly?

                Fortunately, NOLA still have quite a few of those, and that is what keeps me coming back.


              2. re: punkin712

                Thanks, p712 & collardman and Hunt for your follow-up last month - it is now less than ONE WEEK AWAY!

                My daughter loves Domenica for HH, and I felt a lazy Sunday afternoon would be a nice touch after a wild T-day week. I have not had the roasted cauliflower but it is whetting my appetite right now, and I am sure I will be craving veggies by one week into the NOLA festivities. I like their covey green salad, too.

                I think we are going to to the Celebration of the Oaks train ride apres Domenica which will make a very festive evening

                Rezzies are all made. But somehow Toups got taken off, so I might just move that to Monday evening with DD or?

                When i tried to share the eating itinerary with my hubby his eyes glazed over (he is not a big eater) and he said "I am going to have liquid lunch."

                I think he will be just fine: thus far the lunch lineup is Luke, American Sector (tentative), Domilise's, Home, Booty's, La Petite (brunch) & Maurepas.

                1. re: karendor

                  Is American Sector there because yo are hitting the museum? if so that's perfectly decent but I don't think I'd go out of my way for it. Nothing against it..but there is a cuteness factor that might send a diabetic into shock.

                  Luke is fine. It'll add up, though.

                  Home and Booty's?

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    Sorry for confusion, hh.

                    Those are separate days, and actually its not home -- its probably Da Track (T-day) -- with Bootys for lunch on Friday followed by the Cruisers bike tour. Rain threatens latter. :[

                    I appreciate the advice about A/S, I do have the museum on the schedule but I think it is going to depend on a number of T-day prep factors.

                    I may need to hit the CC Farmer's market (Tues) to pick up some pies. This is what their vendor list shows:

                    Blue Ribbon Pies, Hammond, LA
                    Contact: Frances Chauvin
                    Blue Ribbon Pies

                    Product: Tuesday ONLY - award-winning pies including apple, blueberry, peach, pecan, pumpkin, blueberry- peach, sweet potato, quiche, sugar free items, strawberry, mincemeat, and shoesoles

                    Seems like we might need to try shoesoles?

                    Also, I realized I had 3 Beshies on the itinerary, and that feels like too much, so we'll probably scratch the museum and A/S, and just see what happens.

                    Much appreciate heads-up on Mondays, sanglier, for Toups. Since hubby is more of the meat eater I am going to let him/DD decide how we can squeeze in Toups. I am a wee bit concerned that Rio Mar is going to get way-laid again this trip. Sigh.

                    HH; did you mean it'll add up $wise or calorie-wise? He is telling me plans to *drink* his way through lunch and not eat real food-- and he is not a big drinker. Well I suppose if one wants to do that NOLA is the place?

                    1. re: karendor

                      Re: Luke adding up, I meant $-wise. Almost everyone I have been with jumps a little when the check comes It's not bad for me because I really don't have that much, just sit at the bar and have a beer and some headcheese or the like. Oysters when they look good. I tend to be there more this time of year because (A) the oysters are better and (B) I use it as my launching-off meal before holiday train trips..the station is close by.

                      1. re: hazelhurst

                        Thanks, hh, sounds delightful that you jump off for "holiday train trips" from Luke.

                        Actually this Luke meal is OUR NOLA "launching off" -- first real meal of the trip. So we are following in line. None of us huge raw oyster eaters but very good to know that this is good time to throw back a few bivalves.

                        Luckily, we were able to get 90% of the air/hotel costs via miles/points for this trip so we are going to be pretty generous with our food/drink expenses but I appreciate the $ warning. I am just not going to give hubby's liquid lunch situation much focus -- we are all pretty good at sharing, and I think he will give up that silly notion quickly.

                        Since there will be three of us for this meal I think we will table it but (as I said on another post) I have a very nice "at the bar memory" solo dining @ Luke.


                      2. re: karendor

                        Unfortunately Thanksgiving is not Opening Day this year. We have been corrupted by "Starlight Racing" which, in the words of a horseman at Belmont, is "tacky." I also note that Kent Desormeaux, a favorite in the irons, will winter in Florida this year. otherwise I'd have told you to drop $2 per race on him. But good luck anyway.

                        1. re: hazelhurst

                          I an not sure we are talking about the same "tacky" problem but I did see on other posts the (understandable) objections to the exotic animal racing for the 11/22 opener. Yikes!

                          I hope we go for a couple of beers and races -- as I recall the hat & people watching is priceless... thanks for the (nearly) hot tip. Looks like it won't be the same balmy weather I had in 2011, but still a worthwhile tradition.


                          Are your own Thanksgiving Day plans shaping up?

                          1. re: karendor

                            While ostrich races are just plain stupid, the notion of Night Racing is deplorable. But in this age debased and mechanical the track operators think they need it to get the handle up (people used to just skip work during the day. hell, they could work on a laptop from the grandstand as it is now...)

                            I hope to be there Thanksgiving but it depends on some visiting firemen, Trying to get a friend to collar his sons and come along. There is also talk of going up to Lutcher to help with the beginnings of a Christmas Bonfire: that's always fun.

                    2. re: karendor

                      Toups is closed on Monday Miss Karen, boo!

                      1. re: sanglier

                        I now see on my early October update that I had Toups for LUNCH on Tuesday, and American Sector for the HAPPY HOUR deal only that same day.

                        But now, as per above, I am throwing CC farmer's market in the mix -- so we will just have to see what pans out.

                        1. re: karendor

                          I think we'll do CC Farmer's market and then Cowbell. It has been on my list for a while.