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Aug 10, 2013 12:51 PM

Help with Another Visit to Toronto?

A few months ago, I had some great food during a few Toronto business trips. I'll be back this week for a night, and need another stellar restaurant. Below is a link to a summary of my eats in Toronto, but in short, I really enjoyed: Bar Isabel, Black Hoof, 416 Snack Bar, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Grand Electric, Chanticler, Richmond Station, Mama's Dumplings, and Dumpling House.

Okay, but less wow-worthy were Guu, Splendido, Beast, and Buca.

This trip, I am considering Bent, Momofuku Daisho, Khao Sarn Road, and Rock Lobster. What say you all?

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  1. Love Khao San Road. Mengrai is another great Thai option.

    1. Another vote for Khao San Road

      1. I heard the original chef left KSR.

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        1. re: MissBingBing

          It's just as good - maybe better - and certainly just as busy (and the change was last year).

          1. re: estufarian

            khao san road is really quite good but unless you're a thai superfan i'm not sure it's necessarily the best choice for a one night only destination dinner type event

            1. re: estufarian

              Although I'm a big fan, I haven't been to KSR in about a year. Has it really gotten even better since Jeff and Nuit left?

              1. re: kwass

                Give it a try and find out for yourself.
                It's been consistently good recently.

          2. Three cheers for Momofuku Daisho!
            Khao san road is great for a casual plate of yummy noodles and squash frittters.
            If you like Bar isabel, you might love Patria.
            Hearing great things about Rock Lobster, also Monk Kitchen and Geraldine.
            You might also like Playa cabana hacienda - yummy and fun.
            But more importantly... who is john galt?? lolz

            1. Thanks for all the great responses. Hmm, still deciding. Maybe Momofuku Daisho. Although, Monk Kitchen looks interesting, too.

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              1. re: John Galt

                if you haven't been to the grove, i highly recommend looking at the menu. it's great

                1. re: disgusti

                  Thanks. If you click to my summary of my three prior business trips to Toronto, you'll see that The Grove's parsley root soup was the best thing I ate in all of my time in Toronto. Sounds like our tastes align. What else shouldn't I miss?

                  1. re: John Galt

                    Ah true I just did a skim, musta missed it. Honestly it seems like you've already made the rounds of t.o. spots, more so than most people who live there haha. Oh, hopgoods foodliner on roncesvalles (sorry if you've been, I'm mobile and not looking thru your other threads now) is a good spot - ex black hoof (like most in Toronto) with an interesting east coast inspired menu. Dude knows seafood and its a pretty pleasant room, a bit off the beaten track but not like, way out of the way

                    1. re: disgusti

                      Hopgood had been high on my list but I am never here when it is open.

                    2. re: John Galt

                      Agreed, you've hit a lot of places.

                      What about:

                      Rose and Sons
                      Electric mud BBQ
                      Farmhouse Tavern
                      Jacob's & Co.
                      La Carnita
                      Sushi Kaji
                      Harbord Room

                    3. re: disgusti

                      I was at the Grove last night, and it under-whelmed. I think perhaps they were having an off night. Eating shell/sand in my egg/potato/mushroom dish did not help.