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Aug 10, 2013 11:26 AM

Best Bakery On The Main Line

Looking for the best know the kind that still puts string around your box with a handle?....Homemade FRESH Cupcakes....Not cupcakes gourmet...They are all frozen and defrosted each day

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    1. re: arepo

      Agreed, and I would add Le Petit Mitron in Narberth, although I don't know that I've ever seen cupcakes there, just delicious French pastries and the like.

      1. re: Strocophate

        Where is Le Petit Mitron located? In that strip across from the train station?

        1. re: Strocophate

          Another vote for Au Petits Delices! Great desserts!

      2. You might want to check out the Art of Bread by Georges Perrier in Penn Valley on Montgomery Ave. Not cupcakes, but killer desserts.

        1. Clays Bakery…. It is difficult to find both a good cake and frosting in one, but clays excels in both. I am not a huge frosting fan, but you will find yourself waking up in the morning and taking finger-fulls of beautifully colored buttercream instead of drinking your normal joe.

          1. Guys, this isn't close. It's Bakery House on Lancaster in Bryn Mawr. APD is well past its prime.

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            1. re: alex1018

              What do you recommend from Bakery House?

              1. re: vicarious

                Second Bakery House. Good, but dense, birthday cakes.

                1. re: vicarious

                  so my favorite things are:

                  fruit tart
                  strawberry rhubarb pie
                  birthday cake
                  pumpkin pie

                  but really, i like everything there.

              2. Strawberry Bakery in Frazer
                Sweet Jazmine's in Berwyn