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Aug 10, 2013 09:08 AM

Any one have dinner at Sundy House recently?

I have not been since Lindsay Autry has become the chef. She has great credentials, but the menus that I see online do not seem to match the talent. Any ideas?

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  1. I recently took two out of towners there for lunch. The menu was uninspired. The execution was fine, nothing more, nothing less. Both my guests and I were underwhelmed. The service was very good. I am not in any hurry to return. There are far better dining options in Delray.

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      I agree. They've changed. It's still a nice place, but brunch is no longer the spectacle it once was. It looks like the accountants edited the menu.

    2. I had a terrific dinner here last night with the Mrs.

      I live just a mile away, and like many, have stayed away after a lot of turmoil through the past decade.

      They recently closed for a week to freshen up. And last night, all around we had a great experience.

      I forgot what a beautiful spot it is. If anyone wants to impress a date or enjoy a special occasion, this is the place.

      And our food was superb, Lindsay was in the kitchen and it showed on our plates.

      I may post the full details later - but for now, this is a real good time to check out Sundy House.

      For Flavor Palm Beach they have a very nice 3 course $35 dinner.

      (Scroll all way to the bottom for Sundy House). Click the hard to see "view Flavor menu" link.

      Just for starters, The Fig and the Octopus salads we had were both top notch. Looks like the Flavor Menu does change a bit based on what's available fresh.

      I can tell you one thing for sure, that Chef Lindsay is deeply committed to getting the best local and/or fresh ingredients out there, and it showed in everything we enjoyed last night.