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Aug 10, 2013 08:40 AM

Congee - Downtown?

I just had my first Congee at Congee Queen near Don Mills & Lawrence. Loved it! But I live downtown and Don Mills & Lawrence is a PITA to get to by TTC.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good Congee anywhere from the Yonge & Dundas area out west towards Dundas & Roncesvalles?

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  1. Crown Princess has 4 or 5 great congees on their dim sum menu, as does Noble on the cheaper side. Dunno if we have the kind of spot where you can get 50 different kinds of jook downtown, though.

    1. House of Gourmet on Dundas east of Spadina has decent congee.

      We also went to Kings Noodle recently and had chicken congee. While the congee was nothing special, the chicken slices were the most tasteless thing I've ever had in recent memory. And the oil they use in the fried noodles had an off smell. We will never go there again.

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        +1 for House of Gourmet.....they do a very decent congee...

      2. Swatow on Spadina should offer them!

        1. Thanks for the recommendations. I think I will have to try all of these.... except maybe King Noodle, that doesn't sound good at all.