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Aug 10, 2013 08:01 AM

Ibiza recs?

Hi - I'll be in Ibiza in a few weeks (staying in Ibiza Town), this is my 2nd time going. Looking for good restaurant recs?


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  1. Es Caliu is well worth a visit - amazing steak / grill restaurant with a charming garden, on the St Joan Road (about km13.5 if i remember correctly - look out for the windmill.. the bbq ed ox is amazing! (not on the menu!)

    most of the beach restaurants on the east of the island (cala mastella, cala boix etc all do decent seafood ..

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    1. In town? El Faro

      Out of town: Es Torrent is the best seafood. Las Dos Lunas for Italian. Can Salinas for fideau or paella.

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      1. Amante Restaurant. It is a beach club.

        My favorite beach is Salinas and I stay at Malibu Restaurant. The food there is amazing. You rent a lounge and they bring you whatever you want. The service is without peer. Grilled gambas, yummm.

        The restaurant at the Hotel Hacienda Na Xanema is really good, but a long drive. (be warned the road up to the hotel is narrow and steep, so your stick shift skills better be good.) That would be a day trip, part of a tour of that side of the island. There are other good places around there too.

        Do not go to Paloma. I am sure someone will recommend it.

        La Oliva in the old town disappointed last summer.

        Others that I have not been to recently that were really good in the past: L'Elephant, Ama Lur, Chiringuito on playa es Cavallet.

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          this is very helpful...ive had a hard time finding good recs there, last time i was there i totally screwed up and the food was total crap

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            That's too bad, since there is amazing food there.

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              yah i figured i just messed up

              1. re: Lau

                How did it go? I was just there again.

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                  haha that was a long time ago, i wasnt crazy about any of the places there although there was once sort of tapas place that i liked that my friends showed me although im blanking on the name

                  however, i was just there again and there is one place that i did think was quite good and it's called Fish Shack, great fresh seafood prepared pretty simply