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Aug 10, 2013 07:16 AM

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

Where can I get (Hatch) green chili's and tomatillos between College Park and Easton ?

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  1. Check with your local Kroger if you have one. They begin roasting hatch chiles this weekend in our area.

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    1. re: Lambowner

      The nearest Kroger is outside Richmond. Check Mega Mart in Riverdale just off 410 East West Hwy

    2. Thanks for asking this question! This is great info. Am moving back to the greater DC area next year and really need to start setting up my "rolodex" of cooking info.

      1. Wegmans should have them soon but I don't think yet - It may be a bit early...

        1. Hatch and tomatillos in the same Colorado style sauce/stew? What is this world coming to!

          On the other side of the country I just bought Hatch chiles for 99c/lb - at an upscale market. So the harvest must be in full swing.

          As for tomatillos - those are always available in groceries that have a modest selection of Latino produce. Look for them with the jalapenos, seranos (the most common Mexican partner), cilantro, and poblanos.

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            That isn't the discussion I remember participating in, but to me chile verde is made with tomatillos, Green chile stew is made with strips of green chiles.

            1. re: bbqboy

              Thank you for mentioning it. I was just sitting here thinking, that tomatillos would be so wrong in green chile.

            2. Around Baltimore, tomatillos are available in just about every supermarket. I can't help with Hatch chiles, but lot's of other chiles are readily available. Most supermarkets around here even have poblanos.