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Aug 10, 2013 06:51 AM

Distilled Restaurant in Tribeca

Has anyone been yet? I remember seeing this Thrillest report when it first opened, but Thrillest seems to be more of PR-type/biased publication than anything else.

Are the wings any good?

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  1. I went tonight. We ordered a large order of wings (12 for $22), the fried duck on a 'brioche style pancake' and the burger. Oh, and cold charred broccoli side (for $12).

    Meal starts w free popcorn w a salt mix made w brewers yeast, spice and something sweet. It's really good (and free, tho the bowl the bring is super small, think cereal bowl)!

    Wings were crazy good and crazy big. They're super battered and fried and they stay crisp in the sweet, sticky, salty sauce. Point Reyes blue cheese is the dip and it w good, but we had to ask for three more cups of it bc they provided so little. No one should really eat more than two of these, but we managed to choke down three to four each.

    The burger was great. I ordered it rare and it was perfectly cooked. American cheese, big sour pickle, sliced onion, butter lettuce and a beautiful slice of percently ripe green zebra heirloom tomato. I had a side salad (instead of tater tots). It had arugula, some kind of sprout shoot and herbs. The dressing was lite and citrusy and I really liked it.

    The duck was random. I love duck and I love the flavor of duck. This just tasted to my like some breaded and fried puck of meat - I missed the duck part. The brioche pancake was yummy, tho.

    The side of broccoli (I don't remember the last time I paid $12 for a veg side) came w thin slices of pickled watermelon, sweet candied peanuts, lardons, fresh herbs, and a julienned veg I couldn't place. I liked everything separately, but didn't think it was extra good altogether.

    We brought our kids and they brought out big bowls of Mac and cheese and canteloup for free (and without us asking) and our server also brought out a brownie sundae at the end of the meal for free. That was a nice and rare surprise.

    Husband drank a manhattan cocktail fr list (tasty but too sweet). I had left hand sawtooth on tap (yummy).

    The room is kind of random -- nothing notable about it except they tried really hard to dampen the sound in the room and did a great job. It's very quiet. Music was fun '80s.

    PS Our server was v nice. I had read the staff was really nice and knowledgable. The only thing I wish he did differently was to warn us that we were ordering too much food. We brought home most of the duck and half of the burger. The wings kind of killed us.

    1. We went but didn't eat much--mostly drinks, which were excellent.

      The services was the friendliest I can remember having in a casual Manhattan restaurant.

      Free popcorn was delicious, and they happily offered to refill it a couple times.

      We also had the cauliflower side, which was delicious, although the snap peas didn't really fit the dish. Also had one of the salads that was large and good, but nothing too exciting. They have lots of outside seating, so on a nice day I'd probably go back for a light snack and drinks.

      1. Went to Distilled and as was said the popcorn was good, but if you don't like cumin , you might not think it is so good.
        The wines by the glass are excellent. I had a nice blend of 3 grapes from Burgundy or is it Burgandy, hmmm Bourgogne.
        Anyway, The liver pate served in a jar with lots of fat. Is delicious. You spread it on a crisp chicken skin and add some pickled sweet stuff, or some of the creme. Great dish. They featured it at Taste of NY show this past week.
        The Distilled chicken wings were delicious. Perhaps a bit sweet. The small portion is huge ( 2 sizes) . The pieces are thickly coated and seasoned with a Korean mix of spices and I think honey or molasses. Not sure but I couldn't believe I finished the dish. Very nice place. Great bar tenders. Service exceptional. The bill was not bad at all. I thought the wine was going to be as much as my bill was. $38. ( 2 people could have eaten this, plenty of food)