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Aug 10, 2013 05:27 AM

East Haddam CT and surrounding areas..- amazing dinner spot

Heading to East Haddam CT...what are the most amazing dining spots in that area? Anything goes but romantic a must.

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  1. On the Rocks has gotten some good reviews (which you should look up) but I haven't been there yet, so I won't offer an opinion.
    La Vita Gustosa and the Gelston House are the only other restaurants that come close to your description, but I wouldn't call them amazing.
    Chester is not that far away, and the River Tavern and L&E are pretty reliable. Six Main has gotten good reviews as well, but that is another on my need-to-visit list.

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    1. re: DonShirer

      thanks Don..I appreciate your LVG and GH are romantic but no wow factor...will google them all to see ...would love tried and true romantic favorites...that do have that wow factor..thanks

      1. re: phelana

        I have been racking my brain after reading this, while there are many *good* restaurants in the area, I just can't think of one that's romantic AND wow anymore. Maybe why hubby and i go away for anniversary?

        1. re: dennisl

          thanks for trying...we will keep our romantic dining for on Cape Cod...appreciate the recs..River Tavern and a few others look good, though..

    2. Well, if you don't mind traveling FROM East Haddam while you're in the Land of Steady Habits, that opens up many options. Lots of pretty scenery along the way to some of our state's finest spots.

      Here's one destination dining spot for starters: Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret, CT. Would a drive somewhere extra special be of interest while you're in our neck o'the woods?

      1. As there are no really good and romantic places near you, you may want to drive a bit south to the Bee & Thistle Inn in Old Lyme, very romantic and good food. Not that far away from East Haddam.

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          thanks all..the dinner ended up being cancelled but I appreciate all your suggestions