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Aug 10, 2013 04:52 AM

Ontario Butter Tart Tasting Event on August 15 2013 at Tartistry in Toronto

According to the Globe & Mail there will be a Wellington North and Kawarthas-Northumberland Butter Tart Tasting Event held at Tartistry on August 15th.


I checked the Tartistry website but there's no info currently posted there. I'll paste the link in case something is added.

Anyone else heard of this?


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  1. Hmm.. Ruthie also mentioned that article.. but you're right, nothing on their website or twitter feed..

    1. As far as I know, it's not open to the public. However, this is only based on an article I read in the Mount Forest newspaper, The Confederate, a few weeks ago.
      The context is that there's a Butter Tart Trail that has been promoted in Wellington & Grey Counties for the past few years, with local businesses participating in and around Mount Forest, Harriston, Durham, Arthur...roughly. Last year there was a Butter Tart Tour created in the Kawarthas - a cease and desist letter was sent, and it was subsequently renamed the Kararthas-Northumberland Butter Tart Tour. They're joining up to promote both with this event.
      All this is based on my brief perusal of the article, with the downer being that this event is press only. It may have changed since then, though.
      Side note - I had amazing butter tarts at Misty Meadows in Conn a few weeks ago, but they were the way I like them, and may not appeal to others - not runny, but a bit firmer and custard-y. Yum.

      1. Come one come all the Butter Tart Bonanza is happening at 2pm at Tartistry - 1252 The Queensway, Toronto (just east of Kipling)!