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Aug 10, 2013 04:06 AM

Kermit's Bake Shoppe, anyone been?

How are the bagels & pizza?

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  1. Haven't had the bagels but I've had several of the pizzas, and many (too too many) of the baked goods. Some standouts: the sausage and peppers pizza is a fanastic version of this classic combination. And I really liked the mushroom and leeks pizza too. My favorite so far was a special (called the Terminator for reasons I could not discern) with creme fraiche, sauerkraut, and ham. In the baked goods case, the apricot, almond and sage tart is fantastic, as are the various seasonal fruit tarts (look for one with plums). And the butterscotch blondies have been a hit at my house. I also thought the sourdough baguette was perfect. The only miss so far was the raspberry salad "sauce" served with one of the salads. And I hope they add some gluten free desserts to join their gluten free pizza and baguette offerings. Oh, and they need to change the name of their Hot Pockets!! They are delish and deserve a name (hand pie, pastie) that doesn't bring thoughts of bad frozen food to mind.

    1. havent had the bagels... Pizza is overpriced for what it is. You will get better pizza elsewhere and probably less expensive. HOwever, the Chai Tea sticky buns are AMAZING!!!

      1. The best things there are the raspberry rugelach, flourless chocolate cake, and sticky bun/chai bun. The bagels have a nice crust, but the crumb is a little too bready. I prefer my bagels to have a denser crumb. The cakes are a little too expensive for the size. All the cookies are tasty, buttery and flaky without being too crumbly, and, the price per pound for cookies is way better than most of the Italian bakeries (Termini and Isgro's, I'm looking at you!!!). Haven't tried the pockets yet; looking forward to doing that soon.