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Aug 10, 2013 03:16 AM

Views on Root

Hi guys - am new to the board.

Two of us coming to NO in October for 3 days from London. Staying in FQ. We've been before and love it. We've eaten in a lot of the usual places (Emerils, Brennans etc). I'm looking for something different and have read about Root - and it looks very interesting.

I was wondering what your thoughts were.


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  1. Hi AGUK,

    I am a regular visitor to NOLA and have been to Root only once for dinner (with one companion), perhaps 6 months after it opened.

    There were only a very few diners present on a weekend night. Neither me nor my companion were impressed with the Root experienced and actually felt a bit rushed -- which is an anomaly in NOLA, IMO. I don't recall our full order but I do know we shared the charcuterie and sausage plate, including pots of pâté and rillette, which was certainly the best dish of the night, but I was not overly impressed. More style than substance.

    I think the other chowhounds (who have tried Root more frequently + more recently) may have other/better impressions, but with all the good (and new) choices in or near the quarter I would not choose Root again.

    Good luck, please let us know how it goes.

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    1. re: karendor

      Karendor - thanks for your views. I'll report back after my trip.

      1. re: karendor

        I'm sorry you feel that way Karendor I always sit at the bar unless I'm with friends but Root is my fav Restaurant in the city I've eaten there more than a dozen times. I can tell you all my favorite items on the socials menu is Truffle chicken liver parfait, blood sausage, porchetta and CBD, appetizer of Fried Chicken wings with sweet potato biscuit with smoked onion butter, entrees bone marrow, lacquered duck and Korean rib bowl I thought was a food symphony.

      2. Hi Atomic Guy
        Just returned from a fabulous trip to NO and have to say that Root was a bizarre and frustrating experience which I'm still trying to understand. I'll post more about it later, but definitely, "more style than substance". There are far too many great restaurants in NO to waste a night here. If you want a restaurant in the Warehouse district, please try August.
        Have a blast (as did we!).

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        1. re: helen wheels

          Helen - thanks for your reply. Doesn't necessarily have to be in the Warehouse District - just somewhere a bit different. We're flying in from Los Angeles - so will have done some good food there and just want to get as wide a taste of No as possible.

          1. re: AtomicGuyUK

            Herbsaint or Boucherie or SoBou, to name a few, vastly different from LA imo.

        2. The place isn't a traditional NOLA place so I think it gets mixed reviews because of that. Eclectic is a good way to describe it. Overall, we enjoyed going there during a trip where we stayed 7 nights because it was a heck of a change and well done. When I go back for 4 nights, I'd probably skip it to fill my "nola" needs. If I lived in town, it would be on my list for for sure. Hope that helps.

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          1. re: TedyB

            Tedy - thansk for your reply. it was the non traditional bit that attracted me - so we get as wide a taste as possible. But I certainly see what your mean.

            1. re: TedyB

              im not sure id agree that the mixed reviews are due to it being non-traditional. id argue theyre over the quality of the execution...which is not as tight as it should be. in each of my 3 experiences there, stuff has been weird, unfinished feeling. heavy-handed.

              im not sure if hes still working on opening his second location, but i feel more focus and iterative refinement on his first venture is more warranted.

              1. re: kibbles

                I agree with kibbles. I thought the food was just not good. I think there are much better places in NO to venture off the beaten path.

            2. I thought that my meal at Root was excellent from the face bacon to my goat boxes to the wife's scallops in a cigar box. The foie pop was also excellent.

              It is not New Orleans food by any means, but still an excellent meal IMO.

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              1. re: jdm40

                I agree that the meal was excellent. It is not a place you go every day nor a "simple" meal. But some of things I tried at that meal were tastes I hadn't ever experienced and I was surprised by the taste of multiple dishes. As a jaded New Yorker, I resisted going, but am glad I did. That said, I won't be a regular on my frequent NOLA visits because of all the great choices there.

              2. For about 3 Fridays in a row in May/June, I went to Root for lunch. Even with a more "limited" menu than what's on offer at dinner, the food we had was excellent: an heirloom tomato salad that was worthy of a photo it was so gorgeous (and tasty); chicken gizzards cooked sous vide for 48 hours; a shaved pastrami sandwich; a burger that was as good as any I've had of late, on a jet-black homemade bun infused with squid ink; fish and fine dish after another. If it were all gimmicks at Root, that would be one thing. But in my experiences, it's been the well-executed, delicious dishes that keep me coming back.