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Aug 9, 2013 09:44 PM

Need Help Finding a Bon Appetit Recipe from 1988

I know this is a long shot but in 1988 I made a recipe for a stuffed potato. If memory serves me correct, I used small red potatoes. I know the filling had cabbage in it and some type of cheese. They were delicious and I have been trying for years to find the recipe again. If anyone has the recipe I would be very appreciative.

I am sorry I can't remember an approximate month. I served it in December of that year and don't remember how many months I had the recipe that year before making.

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  1. the magazine website archives its recipes.... you should be able to search there and find it

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        1. re: onrushpam

          Great search result, onrushpam. Can you coach a bit -- what keywords did you use, since my own attempts to help OP kept giving me stuffed cabbage / corned beef results?

          And I had tried the Bon Appetit magazine archives, with zero results, too. Maybe the archive doesn't index back to 1988, or I just had a bad day with keywords.

          This looks like a terrific recipe - I'm saving it for when the weather is a bit cooler, which may be next week in MN -- it's been a weird summer.

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            I just googled "bon appetit stuffed potatoes cabbage" and it was at the top of the list.

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              Yep, that's exactly what I used... "bon appetit stuffed potatoes cabbage" and it was the first on the list.

      1. You guys will kill me. I found this one, BUT I don't think that's it. I do not remember the asiago cheese or basil. It also was not a recipe I remember as part of an article. If memory serves me (which is a 50/50 proposition), it was on a page with recipes and had a somewhat misleading recipe title.

        I live in a small town and the library doesn't have old copies. If I were forced to guess, would say it was in the March - October timeframe of 1988.

        If anyone has old 1988 magazines, would they be willing to look for me?

        Apologize for all the trouble, but a romantic dinner memory exists and I would love to recreate.

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          Don't worry. Onrushp's work wot go to waste since I for one will make this one!

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            If there's no luck here, consider:
            It's "Ask Uncle Phaedrus," and I've both found and gave "forgotten" recipes on there for years.

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              The author says this is an updated/reworked version of the original. If I were making these, I'd leave out the basil anyway, as I don't think it would work with what I'd most likely serve alongside these. You could use any cheese (or no cheese beyond the cream cheese). Nothing in the recipe is expensive. Just give it a shot and adjust to your taste memory until you get it right. I'm going to try these one day soon.

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                Well, the author does say that it's an updated version of the original recipe. So perhaps the asiago and basil weren't in the 1988 version. But who knows, you might like these just as well.

              2. If I am mistaken and this was the recipe.....OMG, they were incredible. Beyond words.

                1. I plan to try these in the next week.

                  1. If you go on Amazon, there's a Bon Appetit book with recipes from 1988. Don't know if your recipe is in it, but it's only $4. Certainly worth a shot.....