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Aug 9, 2013 08:03 PM

What happened to the lunch prix-fixe at Le Cinq?

I have been craving this for years. Unfortunately on our last trip to Paris in 2011, the budget just did not allow for it. We will be going again this November, and I was so looking forward to lunch at Le Cinq. A la carte is just not in the realm of possibility. I just checked their website and found no mention of a prix-fixe. Is it really gone?

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  1. I don't think it was ever listed on the website - I'd just confirm when booking the table to be sure.

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      Didn't it used to be on the menu?

      I just checked on an intermediary site and it has the "lunch from 95 E" phrase. Maybe that is what I'm thinking of.

      The Four Seasons site definitely doesn't have it. You don't want any surprises so I would second the person above and confirm when you call to book.

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        I don't recall it being on the site, in fact many top places don't advertise their cheap menu online - always good to confirm.

    2. Thanks to all who responded. I had a friend in Paris call them and they do indeed have the 95 euro prix fixe.

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        "A friend in Paris". Music to my ears. Enjoy! Be sure to write a detailed review after your trip.