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Aug 9, 2013 03:06 PM

WOW!!! HUGE, BIG, GIGANTIC Sale at Stop and Shop....3 days ONLY!

Or so said my email this morning from's Boston Shops which announces special events and pricing via email blasts.

Seems Stop and Shop is doing the unheard of price of $3.99 per pound on chicken lobsters this weekend only. But only at stores that have lobster tanks. And only until Monday. And oh yes, there's a limit of 4 per order. Incredible, huh? will they ever get a clue? Surely they must know that this has been the every day price, with no limits no less, at Market Basket for most of the summer? No wonder they had to pull out of NH. Damn, does S & S suck.

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  1. Interestingly, on our way home for our local MB today, (After picking up the buy as many as you like $3.99 lobsters, and got lucky on a select hard shell!) we passed the local Stop and Shop. Seems that this one, being in such close proximity to the MB, had a sign out on the street ...Chix for $1.99 pound! I pulled a u-turn and picked up the four limit of course. Now THAT is a bargain.

    1. THANK YOU! Appreciate you alerting me to this sale. While aware of the MB price, I've shied away due to the reported crowds.

      I dropped by the Stop & Shop in Somerville this afternoon and there was absolutely no line. I asked for two of the largest "chicken" lobsters and the total weight was 2.9 pounds.

      The clerk claimed they are hard shell (lack of conviction in his voice duly noted)...we'll see when I steam them later. All in all, close to 3 pounds of lobster for $11 and change is awesome!

      Thanks again for the heads up!

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      1. re: CambridgeFoodie

        Although my post was intended as a tongue in cheek Dis against Stop and Shop, I'm please you got a deal you're happy with. Hope they are tasty bugs for you!

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          I'd have to agree with you about $1.99/lb S&S lobsters being a bargain; at least you can rationalize the price being right around where other seafood is once you throw out the shells.

          $3.99/lb is not bad either.... if you go on vacation in ME you'll realize that many seafood places are $3.50-$4/lb anyway right now.

          1. re: kreptol

            I really don't get this whole rationalization of comparing the final cost of the meat of the lobster sans shell to cost of other various seafood. Yes, lobster meat will never come close to the net cost of say, white fish filets, but it doesn't have to. Anymore than the value of prime tenderloin should be compared to that of ground chuck or stew meat..\

            If I want to eat lobster there is no substitute. If I want to eat sword, I buy sword (and always pay more if necessary for fresh vs. frozen)

            1. re: kreptol

              You know what's worse? Paying for banana skin. Nothing chaps my ass worse then looking in the trash barrel thinking that i paid 89 cents a pound for that rotting brown banana hammock

              1. re: ac106

                lol.....I have the same fixation over crappy watermelon rinds. But at least you can pickle them.

                1. re: ac106

                  On a serious note in regards to the lobster shells, does anyone save them to make a sauce or lobster bisque?
                  I never throw them out. I'll freeze them if I don't have time to make a sauce right away.
                  Just made a fabulous lobster sauce last week with shells from a dinner a month ago.

                  1. re: Annief123

                    I always save them to make lobster stock for soups and chowders.

                    I was just posting this on the $3.99 lobster thread....huh

                    1. re: Annief123

                      For whatever reason if I don't use lobster bodies that have been steamed, for example, I'll hold them a few days in the fridge so I can make what I call faux Lobster Fra Diavolo. It's really just a spicy tomato sauce for either spaghetti or linguine. I remove the head sac before saving. It's really awfully tasty, if I do say so...

                    2. re: ac106

                      Banana skins chap your ass...

                      What were you doing with the banana?

                2. re: CambridgeFoodie

                  Here's some math for you - I picked up 3 lobsters for $1.99 per pound at the Stop & Shop in North Reading this afternoon. I ended up with 2 hard shell and 1 soft shell, 3.6 lbs total for $7.17. I got 13.5 oz of meat from them. That works out to $8.49 per pound for lobster meat. Cheaper than steak, and this Southern belle transplant is a happy camper.

                  1. re: maestrette

                    Yeah coulda got 2.5 ounces MORE in frozen swordfish at Shaws for 18 cents LESS. .......face it, you got hosed.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Now, that would be a deal I would take at $1.99/lb if I could get it. That will have me stop by the Chelmsford S&S and check out if they have the deal there tomorrow. Need some fruit and veggies anyway and they are lower than other S&Ss anyway, and I'll pick up some of their fabulous sushi (it is different than what other S&Ss sell and is actually at an incredibly competitive price with brown rice veggie rolls about 10 ounces at $6) if I can't get any.

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        CapeCodGuy - IF you like frozen swordfish, I suppose so. Not sure how you compare the two, though. That would presuppose that 1) you like swordfish, and 2) you don't mind eating previously frozen food.

                        1. re: maestrette

                          Maestrette... you missed that my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek.

                          And kreptol, that was a 3 day only sale that ended today. Lucky you though, on being able to get decent sushi at a Stop and Shop. At my local store it's usually past it's sell- by date.

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            Chelmsford is a test store for S&S on a few things including the fresh in-store made sushi, it has a daycare, in-store nutritionist, it is a LEED certified store, and was the first with curbside pickup in the whole chain (which has been rolled out recently to other stores). It also has $.49/lb bananas to match MB and Hannaford (lower than the $.59/lb or $.69/lb at other stores) as well and is lower on a few other things.

                        2. re: CapeCodGuy

                          CCG... will you stop with the comparisons already? If I want swordfish Or bologna (shudder) I'll buy it whatever the cost is. If I want Lobster - I'll buy it whatever the cost, whatever the shell, however much meat I'll get. I'll just figure out how much I want and buy it. From any market I want.

                          (All said with good humor and deep respect. I think)

                          1. re: Gio

                            but Gio...would you order the $1.99 bologna if you knew it was previously frozen?


                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                              Nope! But then I wouldn't order bologna anyway...