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Aug 9, 2013 02:59 PM

One lunch in Orange, CA

I'll be in Orange next Friday, and am looking for a good place for lunch. Looking for something casual (I'm thinking hole-in-the-wall, potentially), relatively quick, and very delicious. Bonus points if it's a type of food or level of excellence that I can't get in the Bay Area.

I'll be around the 92868 zip code, just east of the I-5, and probably wouldn't want to drive more than 10-15 minutes away.

Things that I'd probably be interested in include, but are not limited to:

- Good noodles (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.)
- Good Mexican
- Good dumplings
- Good Vietnamese (though I'll probably be eating in Westminster later in the weekend, so this is less ideal)
- Good Persian or Middle Eastern

Thanks in advance,
Dave MP

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  1. Thai Nakorn would probably be the best choice.

    A tad further, Mas' Islamic at 601 E. Orangethorpe in Anaheim.

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    1. re: New Trial

      Thanks! What are the best things to eat at Thai Nakorn?

      The Islamic Chinese sounds great but may be slightly too far.

      1. re: Dave MP

        Thai Nankorn is outstanding.

        Green papaya salad +/- raw crab, chicken yellow curry, stuffed fried chicken wings, BBQ chicken, piguaut beef curry (they will try to talk you out of it but insist you want it). Sautéed Chinese water spinach is also good there.

        Here is a link to a previous request. The Vietnamese and Kaju Tofu rec *may* be close enough.

        1. re: Dave MP

          I am partial to the wild boar and the Isaan sausage, and have also greatly enjoyed the clams--there are lots of less common dishes available on the specials page--but even the more standard dishes have been pretty good. I keep meaning to try the crab egg roll but last time I was there it was with a friend who was not keen on seafood.

      2. Gabbi's Mexican, right downtown just south of the circle:

        1. Today's the day! I think we're leaning toward Gabbi's since it's within walking distance...but Thai Nakorn is still tempting....will let you know where we end up.

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            1. re: OCEllen

              Sorry for the late reply!

              We ended up at Gabbi's, and overall it was a good meal. I can't say that I was blown away, but I think it was a good choice since it was walking distance from where I was working.

              Chips and salsa, which were free and plentiful, were actually really good, and possibly my favorite part of the meal. Freshly fried chips, slightly sweet homemade salsa, and multiple refills.

              A special of chile relleno was quite good as well—it wasn't fried like many versions of this dish. It was stuffed with a mild cheese filling, and the sauces on the side were corn (sweet) and tomato (I think), both quite good. It was a pretty presentation.

              The tacos de arrachera were also a pretty presentation, but I found the meat a bit bland and the green salsa one-dimensional. The frijoles borrachos on the side were pretty good. The tortillas on the tacos were homemade, and I liked them. But the overall tacos just didn't really do it for me.

              A bit pricy, but there was good service and it was a nice atmosphere. Will have to try Thai Nakorn next time I'm in town!

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                Hollingsheads Nuff said.

                End of story of the never ending story.