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Aug 9, 2013 02:12 PM

Doing annual trip to Boston, Cape and Vineyard .......need suggestions on good food spots.

I am heading to the greater Boston area for a trip and would love the latest, greatest food recommendations. Will be one week on the Cape, then several days on the Vineyard and two nights in Boston. The place we know the least about is the Vineyard and would love people to weigh in. We don't mind spending a lot for a good meal......but we want some atmosphere with the food. In Boston we love Number 9 Park but we need another one...and for the Vineyard we really need help. Suggestions and impressions appreciated.

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  1. Gosh, there are so many choices in all of the places. So I'll start by offering an opinion on the Vineyard. Note that you may get better results for the Vineyard and the Cape on the Southern New England Board and my post here may even get removed, but I'll give it a shot.

    I'd definitely put State Road on your list but call and get a reservation pronto, especially if you are there next week during the presidential visit. It's in West Tisbury, which is a lovely, very quaint area. While West Tisbury is rather laid back, State Road is a place to rub elbows with other like minded diners in a sophisticated setting with excellent food.

    I like The Red Cat in Oak Bluffs, although service can be spotty. The chef is a local favorite and does very innovative things. Oak Bluffs is the complete opposite kind of a place. It's crowded, wild and crazy, filled with people of all ages. (Do check out the camp ground filled with small gingerbread type homes while you are there, as it is so unique.)

    I'm also a big fan of The Sweet Life (as are the Obamas) which is also in Oak Bluffs. If you can get a seat in the garden, you will be very content with the ambiance, not to mention the delicious food.

    In Edgartown, my personal favorites are Atria and Alchemy, which have been there for ages. Atria is easier in terms of parking and traffic. I enjoy the small, brick walled basement, where you can often hear good music.

    Your request covers a lot of territory. I can add to the Boston list but hopefully others will chime in, too.

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      Try the Glass Onion in Falmouth. First class food, consistently prepared.

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        Glass Onion's an excellent rec, but if you're going to get to Falmouth, it would be a sin not to eat at L'Ostera la Civetta for 100% authentic Northern Italian food and the French bakery Maison Villatte. Two of the best places for Cape Chow that rival anything off "island".

    2. Dumb me. This IS the Southern New England Board. Friday night catches up to me.

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        Thank you so were right about the post...the Chow moderators moved me to the southern New England board because I posted on the wrong one. I have made reservations at State Road!

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            I don't eat up that way really but I am sure others will chime in. My Hyannis favs include Naked Oyster for the bar and raw bar, Pizza Barbone for salads and pizza and Caffe Geltao Bertini


            If you can drive into Dennisport, Ocean House will not disappoint. Make a res now as they have been packed.


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              We will have a car so we can definitely explore...thanks for the suggestions.

        1. While in Osterville, you can try 5 Bays Bistro. A little pretentious, though you might like it.

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            Agreed with 5 Bays in O'Ville. Not a fan of Naked Oyster's food nor bar prices (I was charged $14 for a Dewars Rusty Nail my last visit, and 3 of the 5 baked oysters in a asst. app were terrible) but I do like the room. My thoughts on the relative value of Pizza by Barone's at $40+ per head for a dinner of salad and pizza is much discussed and mostly challenged here. I do like Columbo's for a casual meal in a city-fied room. Great deserts, too and very capable bartenders. I have had very reliable and excellent food at Alberto's although the room is starting to get a bit dated, or maybe I am! I like the tapas at Embargo, plus it's an incredible bargain on half priced Tuesdays. And Ocean House is definitely worth the drive as one of the mid Cape's finest. As is Fin's in Denni Village, Inaho for Japanese and sushi in Yarmouthport, and 28 Atlantic in Harwich for arguably the best of all on the entire Cape.,