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Aug 9, 2013 01:40 PM

Fernandes 3- Highly Overrated!

Went last night. The stuff clam appy was good. Wife ordered stuffed FEMALE lobster. It came out with no roe. When we asked the waiter, he said all female lobsters had no roe, and because he worked in a restaurant for 20 years, he knew and we didn't apparently. Called over the manager after the waiter talked to him. He said the same thing. When we Googled it to show them that indeed female lobsters DO have roe, they both, literally at the same time, shrugged their shoulders and walked away. How friggin rude!

The riodizio either was super well done and dry, or rare (ordered it med rare). Every single morsel was over salted and not wonderful.

Based on this experience, we would never come back here. Overrated restaurant for sure!

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  1. I've got to tell you this much, to the best of my knowledge the only female lobsters that come with roe are in fact pregnant ones. (not all female) They carry the roe on the exterior of their tail, those are the only female lobsters that have roe.

    Speaking from first hand experience anytime I have received a delivery we would return the lobsters with the roe. I have never seen them served to the public like that.

    As far as the meat goes all riodizio's is salty its the way they prepare the meat. The meat on the skewer went brought to the table is NEVER cooked to any particular temp. If you want well done they generally give you an external slice since it's the most cooked. If you want medium they give you the next slice or two, if you want rare they cut from closest to the skewer.

    Have you been to many other riodizio's? Again, personally speaking I have and I have found Fernendes to be above average of most. I've been to this location a few times and have never had a problem. I've also been to the one in Newark and never had a bad meal. I'm truly surprised.

    1. I have heard nothing but TREMENDOUS things about number 3....all good from friends and family. And if JR gives it a thumbs up, that man knows his way around some steak ; )

      I just haven't been there yet but I have been supporting the originals for a long time. I have been there countless times and never had a bad meal. This review is just making me want to go there ASAP. I am salivating thinking about the smoky greatness. LOL

      Sorry you didn't like it but you are definitely the minority.

      This place has a cult-like following so for anyone planning on trying it out, it gets busy. I've driven by a few weekend nights and its stacked up with cars.

      No hard feelings but LONG LIVE FERNANDES! I am really glad to see their new location doing great business.

      PS, aren't they saying now that the lobster roe has high levels of paralytic shellfish toxin?

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        Thanks CJ for the kind words and vote of confidence for my steak recommendations. Now you've made me a little paranoid so I feel the need to clarify.

        Rodizio is a "specialty or unique" experience. More a novelty than a gourmet experience. If I'm looking for a true quality steak, I'm not going to rodizio. I've I'm looking to strap the feedbag on and just want a little of this and a little of that (which is really more like, a lot of this, a lot of that) then there is no beating a rodizio.

        I don't want you going there with the impression of getting a strip the quality of Copper Canyon, it's not that kind of place.

        With that said, I'm still a big fan.

      2. Female Lobster will not always have a significant amount of roe on the inside, or if any....and it's impossible to tell if there will be any before cutting the lobster open. To expect any restaurant to do so is unrealistic. I cannot tell you if it's the season where the female lobsters are fertile and carrying the eggs. You may very well have gotten the females as you asked, just without any egg's quite easy to distinguish a female from male....just look at the feelers and tail shell.

        As for the Rodizio, you really do not mention the specific items served. My experience is that the Sirloin is always Medium-Rare to Medium. If I wanted more of any specific meat available for that evening, I requested it and it came out shortly after. I have never had any Rodizio restaurant deny any such request....While the meat could be salty...I've never found it to be dry....but even so, all you needed to do was leave it on your plate, speak up and wait for the next pass.

        I've never been to Fernandes 3...but I have been to F2 and have enjoyed it.

            1. re: jrvedivici

              I try to take on "Devils Advocate" in situations like this, and have issues with any post that does not identify the location of an establishment being discussed. In this case I actually had no clue...

          1. I have been to Fernandes 3 four times so far and have always found the rodizio to be very good with a very wide range of different selections brought to the table. The service has always been fine. I have never ordered anything off the menu so I can't comment on those dishes. The only negative is that the salad bar for the rodizio is not as good as some other places but if I choose t go there it's for the meat not the salad.