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Aug 9, 2013 11:12 AM

October business trip - suggestions?

I'm heading to downtown LA at the end of October from Chicago. I've been many times before, but haven't really dug into the dining scene and would like to get into a couple of can't-miss places. I've listed some targets below - any guidance on them (would you skip it?) or something that's not listed? We'll have a car, and I'll be there from Thursday night through the following Wednesday night, so a lot of flexibility. We're at a conference at the LA Convention Center M-W and will likely try to sneak out for lunch.

Also, I'm looking for a well-made Old Fashioned - something that I know where and where not to go in Chicago, but have no clue about in LA.

Thanks in advance!

Son of a Gun
Father's Office
Pizzeria Mozza
Hinoki & the Bird
Taylor's Steakhouse
Raffi's Place (I've been to a dozen other Persian places, but never Raffi's)

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  1. If you are specifically seeking to drink an "old fashioned" and you'll be downtown then there is really only one place to go for it...Seven Grand

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    1. re: Servorg

      This place looks perfect - it's on the list and will absolutely make it here.

    2. Being from Chicago, you can probably give Taylor's a miss - the food isn't great, it's just a place I like because it's one of the few old LA places with the red booths, etc. Head to Cut if you want a truly great steak. Dan Tana's would be where to go, in its place, if you're seeking an old LA vibe.

      Definitely go to Seven Grand for that drink, at the end of the day. Also try to get to Rivera.

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      1. Your list doesn't have many spots actually in downtown. Consider also checking out -
        Baco Mercat
        Bottega Louie
        Maccheroni Republic

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        1. re: TracyS

          I was thinking the same thing.....

          +1 on Bestia, baco Mercat, umamicatessen

          Also consider the Parish, Alma & drago Centro

          1. re: Dirtywextraolives

            It just seemed that all of the suggested places were a bit outside of downtown. Will add Baco Mercat to the list, but my trip may be cut down to 3-4 days, so going to have to be very choosey!

            I'm thinking Cole's and Langer's for lunches Monday and Tuesday - doable from the Los Angeles Convention Center?

            1. re: jhojati

              Sure, both are about a mile and a half or so away. Don't know if you're walking, driving or taking a cab or public transit.

        2. I am a big fan of Son of A Gun. Always creative and suprising dishes.

          Langers for the best pastrami on rye on earth. They close at 4pm daily and all day Sundays. Welcome to LA.)

          1. I would revamp and revise your list with this modified one:

            Father's Office
            Pizzeria Mozza
            Hinoki & the Bird
            Red Medicine