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Aug 9, 2013 09:56 AM

Criollo VS. Red Gravy for Breakfast

Hi there,

I am staying on Canal Street and am looking at these two options for breakfast before leaving for the airport on the last day of vacation. Both are convenient to the hotels and I have read mixed reviews on both. This would be a weekday visit.


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  1. Red Gravy is a nice little neighborhood joint in an area of town with very few neighborhood joints. The food isn’t fancy, but it tastes good, very flavorful omelets and such. I’ve never been to Criollo, but I would imagine it to be much more expensive.

    1. Why not walk five blocks downriver from Criollo and go to Stanley?

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        Stanley is indeed wonderful, but I am looking for a restaurant close the hotel for our last morning before checking out and want to go somewhere I haven't been. Stanley's Korean Beef Po'Boy is one of my favorite sandwiches of all time.

      2. neither one is really known for their breakfasts, i wouldnt use up a new orleans breakfast slot on either.

        1. Late to the game, but we had a very nice breakfast at Ruby Slipper, on Magazine.

          Eggs Blackstone and Eggs Cochon were very tasty.

          Watching the red dresses was an added sideshow!