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Aug 9, 2013 09:37 AM

Pizza in Lexington/Belmont/Arlington?

I know, pizza quests abound on this board, but we've just moved to Lexington and this is a stumper. I'm not a fan of the Greek style "house of pizza" pizzas, and I'm too much of a bleeding heart liberal to buy from Upper Crust Pizzeria (yet, depends on how desperate I get).

My husband works near Fresh Pond and we're in East Lexington, so Arlington and Belmont are pretty easy for us. Gran Gusto is great but it's a bit tough for him to hit at dinnertime because it puts him in the middle of traffic he'd rather avoid. I read an article on Ristorante Olivo in Arlington that sounds like their pizza is up my alley, but it's a bit far for us and they don't do takeout. Any recommendations? (delivery a plus!)

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  1. Ever since my beloved Nicola closed last month (owners retired after 42 years in the biz!), I'm at a loss. Sabatino's gets praise here and we liked it well enough but I'd love a place within walking distance. My neighbors like Capri but I've yet to try it. Jimmy's is horrible.

    In Belmont center there is Stone Hearth.

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      I think I'd like Stone Hearth but I should also add that my parents are visiting (born and bred on Long Island) and I think Stone Hearth would be a bit too yuppie/weird for them.

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        if you want to get take out for after your parents leave, he could avoid the worst traffic by going to stonehearth in belmont ctr and taking what becomes Park over Belmont Hill to Arl, then shortcut left at church to bring you out to tr j mass ave arl. ( And just fyi, there is a stone hearth in winch too. less crazy than Belmont for eating in.) best of luck. congrats on your move.

    2. Is Armando's too out of the way for him? From FP, it's a straight shot down Concord Ave. And, he can also pick up goodies at Formaggio.

      ETA: maybe to avoid the FP traffic, he can continue down Concord into Belmont and catch the Rt. 60 entrance to Rt. 2. Then he can also stop at Iggy's for more treats.

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        He works very close to Iggy's, so that's the opposite direction of where he needs to go (I think he's been taking that route you suggest home). Hopefully I can convince him that good pizza is worth the trek... I think tonight we'll aim for Capri or Sabatino's, will report back, thanks!

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          I agree with the suggestion of Armando's -- traffic isn't always snarled- up concord via the round about and then back
          Armando's is old school really great, pizza

        2. I'd definitely give Capri in Arlington Heights a try. Nothing mind blowing, but solid old-school italian style pizza and close to east lex. Sabatinos can be good, but inconsistent. If you've never been to Armando's you should at least visit once. I really like Pizza Roma in Watertown, but I don't think that would work logistically as a regular spot.

          1. Have you tried Za in East Arlington? Some like it, some don't -- I do. I am also a huge fan of Stella's in Watertown which is not really on the way from FP to Lexington but something to keep in mind if you are on an Arax-Fastachi run.

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              Good places to keep in mind if I am out and about, thanks!

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                I liked Za when it first opened, but the crust had gotten too soggy for me, especially if you take it out (and I only live five minutes away). Last time it was so bad I could have pressed my finger into the crust and left a print.....tho I chose not to!

              2. Is Woburn too far? Louie's pizza on Main St. has a nice pie, but be careful as they run out early.

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                  Wish I'd known about Louie's when I was driving the back ways from our weekly class in Burlington to Melrose! A bit far for us now, but will keep in mind!