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Aug 9, 2013 09:27 AM

Meauxbar Bistro? Boucherie?

I dont see it mentioned a lot.. I did a search on here, found a few good reviews but would love some other input. Food, Service, Ambiance? It is imtimate/romantic? Also, its on the end of the french quarter on N. Rampart.. is it safe to walk there and back into the FQ- A cab sounds silly but is it necessary?

And separately, how is Boucherie? I used to see more mention. I was attracted to the variety of the menu, since my husband is not quite as adventurous as I am and also the prices were great.

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  1. Meauxbar, in my opinion, is awesome. One of my favorite spots in the city. The fact that it's overlooked by many is a bonus. It's basically French Bistro w/ local flavors. Comfortable atmosphere and unpretentious service. Mostly neighborhood crowd. Don't sweat the location. I walk it all the time.....never cabbed it .

    Boucherie is great as well. And great value too. I just wish it weren't waythehell across town. It'd be in my regular rotation if it were more convenient. Not that they have trouble packing the place every's tiny.

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      Thanks very much. Unfortunately I just called Boucherie and they are closed August 17th through September (11?) I believe they said. Too bad..but Im glad you give the thumbs up for Meauxbar. Thank you for the input!

    2. Meauxbar is as Bayou Teche states. It is a great little bistro off the main track. That is pretty much a residential area. My business partner lives a block away and he and his wife go there frequently. We have met them there with us walking from a FQ or CBD hotel.

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        OP, BT & CM...Thanks for the info on Meauxbar, I've added it to my next itinerary as I cannot resist NOLA bistros.

        I love Boucherie and wonder if it is closing due to Zimet's new place? Any news on when the new spot opens?

      2. Teche is correct...we stay at the New Orleans Courtyard/French Quarter Suites at 1101 North Rampart across the street from Meauxbar and we have never had any issues or problems walking in the area. And yes, we have had dinner at Meauxbar on one of our trips, and it is exactly how BayouTeche describes it. I will always remember how gracious they were to squeeze us two in for dinner when we didn't have a rez...they offered us a timeframe, and we honored it, and were very pleasantly surprised and treated by the waitstaff and food. I remember their drinks, mussels, and salads as being outstanding, and would highly recommend Meauxbar Bistro.