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Discount on parchment half sheets

King Arthur Flour is offering 20% off their half sheet parchment. I couldn't bake or cook without them, and I think they're the best out there. Discount is applied in the cart, apparently.


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  1. I used to pooh pooh these half sheets. I mean, I'm pretty lazy but even I can rip out a sheet to fit a cookie tray. Then a local hound raved about them (as I had mocked the sheets) so I decided to try them. They have changed my cookie baking life.

    Love these sheets.

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      Thanks for the heads-up, roxlet. I'm tempted. Last fall I cut a bunch of sheets from a roll to fit my quarter-sheet pan, and found that it takes a couple of *months* under the Oxford English Dictionary to make them stay flat.

      Then I discovered not long ago that I can actually get a half-sheet in my 24" oven (as long as it's on the top or middle rack), so...

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        I should get a commission from KAF since I'm the biggest booster of these half sheets. I mostly use them for baking cookies, but they're useful for so many other kitchen tasks-- like sifting flour, or turning pie dough onto as your mixing. I reach for them for all my baking all the time.

    2. "Foods" teacher at my school buys REAMS of full sheets from some kitchen supply place... maybe even 1000 sheets/box?? Kids cook on regular stoves, so use half sheet pans. Easy enough to fold a whole sheet and slice in half with a decent knife. Saves a LOT of clean-up (for teacher).

      Think whole box was something like $40-something from supplier school uses. Think I'll get a "life-time" supply from them and split it with my sister.

      I'm a relatively new fan of the stuff. Don't do a lot of baking but ALWAYS line brownie/loaf pans... "non-stick" stuff just IS NOT, even with a sprtiz of cooking spray. Haven't baked a round cake in YEARS, but remember my Grandmother making a round of wax paper to fit in botton of greases/floured pan. Knife around edge and NOTHING left stuck to bottom when turned out.

      Somebody should make a liner for a Bundt pan!?! OK, just gave away ANOTHER potential invention (Shark Tank)?!?

      Stuff on roll is fine, but has that ROLL to it. Usually make a messo holiday cookies and have SAVED parchment cut to fit... with a wipe with paper towel.

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        Yes, at least a decade ago I got a box of 1000 sheet pan sized sheets from a local place that sells party and commercial kitchen supplies. I paid around $35. I've given away at least a third of them since the supply will outlive me.
        Now I use them liberally. Any time I bake something that might bubble over, I put it on a parchment-lined half-sheet pan. I wantonly and wastefully fold a sheet in half and put it in the pan. It also makes good tracing paper and patterns for sewing crafts. NB: That box of 1000 sheets is quite heavy. I'll bet at least 20# and more like 30+.

        1. Just ordered! Thanks for the tip.

          1. I love these sheets! I got so damn tired of fighting that rolled up parchment paper- I danced a little happy jig when I discovered these.

            1. I've purchased these before and I love them. But because they're pricey, at least compared to the rolls, I find myself hoarding them. :-). I use them for cookies and other things that don't weight down the rolled edges very well, or when I'm in a hurry.

              I read on this board a while back that Smart & Final carries these half sheets, but my local store doesn't have them. I pop in every once in a while specifically to look for them!

              1. Buy some silpats and you'll never need them again.

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                  I have silpats, and I prefer the parchment. I hate the greasy feel of the silpats, which I find difficult to clean. Parchment is tossed when you're done with it, and I love that.

                  1. re: roxlet

                    Have you tried Super Parchment? Reusable just like a silpat and easy to clean. Just wipe out with a wet cloth. No soap required. And unlike the Silpat, they can be cut to size. Im buying some for my cake pans as Im tired of cutting circles every time i bake a cake.

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                      I just buy the parchment circles for that application. Again, I just toss when done.

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                    You always need parchment. I'd like to see you make a parchment cone (for writing on cakes) out of a Silpat.