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Shunji Summer Update

Because friends were in town.

Wowed multiple times along with several oohs and ahhs.

1. Lightly torched kinmedai on grated mountain yams and okra leaves

2. Shunji flight of appetizers. The octopus is like silk, the ikura pops perfectly.

3. Shrimp, shitake, spinach on buckwheat

4. Glorious summer truffle chawan mushi with uni

5. Live halibut (not flounder) sashimi sliced paper thin. Note the engawa on the side (so tender), and the fried skin next to it. Halibut chicharones is delicious. The preparation is not for the faint of heart. The halibut was prepared so that it will move if given sake or ice water.

6. Hokkaido hairy crab. The kani miso served on the side was so sweet. Shunji overheard how much my friend loved crab and gave him a round of hanasaki crab to compare.

7. Sashimi plate of shima aji, hamachi belly, and I forget the two others. Note the 3 piece from the left on the strip of lemon zest. It's not just for decoration. You can actually pick up the hint of the lemon on that piece.

8. Shunji tomato

9. Simmered flounder

10. Flight of wild blue fin toro from boston. From right to left: lean, chu toro, o-toro, and kama toro.

11. Close up of kama toro served only with salt and pepper so the delicate sweetness is highlighted more

12. Kohada

13. Uni, wagyu beef, on Japanese eggplant. Wow this is good. Seafood, red meat, and vegetable combined in one harmonious bite. Outstanding

14. Amaebi

15. Shira ebi

16. Miso soup with amaebi head

17. The Man himself cutting a perfect, perfect block of o-toro.

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  1. Nice. The knifework on that usuzuruki sashimi is ridiculous. I hope the kegani lasts until my next visit there.

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    1. re: J.L.

      Your next visit tonight or next week?

    2. Beautiful pics!
      Like the "hint of the lemon on that piece" could you pick up the pressure of my butt on your chair?

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      1. re: Ciao Bob

        Since you're always there, I'd prefer not to sit on your lap.

        1. re: Porthos

          If my girl would let me, and if all the other restaurateurs in LA stopped opening new places, I might be there every night.

      2. Great pics for a great looking meal!

        Did you get a shot of the specials board?

        1. After my first visit I definitely want to revisit in the future, but I'm too strapped for cash. That uni, beef, eggplank dish looks so good though! Is it possible to get it a la carte?

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          1. re: Johnny L

            Unless it's a dish that he comes up with on the spot, and it doesn't look like that dish was, it'll usually be on the specials menu available a la carte. Porthos, did you get a shot of the specials board?

            1. re: PeterCC

              No specials menu. Doesn't hurt to just ask.

            2. re: Johnny L

              I can relate to being strapped for cash.

              1. re: kevin

                just ate at shunji again last week or so.
                its not cheap, but its not unfair, either. what a thoroughly pleasant place to eat. great sushi.
                wish the beer was better.

                1. re: linus

                  Don't get me wrong. It's great. And for the price its a steal. But it's still expensive in that you are actually dropping dollars.

                  Having said that, I'm overdue on a visit.

                  And yeah the one beer on tap they have is OK. Hmm, can one bring a few bottles of their own berets or would that not be cool. ????

                  1. re: kevin

                    they might have some sort of corkage, i don't know.

                    i do know they sure like it when you buy them a drink. perhaps if you brought an extra bottle or two they'd be accomodating.

            3. "Because friends were in town" Any old excuse, huh?

              Beautiful pics. I'm particularly jealous of the kinmedai and the shira ebi.

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              1. re: stravaigint

                Yeah, can't use Ciao Bob's or JL's reason: days of the week that end with a "y".

                1. re: Porthos

                  Now that's what I'm talking about.

                  The high rollers on the sushi scene.

                  1. re: kevin

                    Which reminds me: Today ends in a "y"...

                    1. re: J.L.

                      I seem only to go during months that are 5 letters long or shorter.

                      1. re: PeterCC

                        Come on now. Who you kidding ?

                        You go way more than that. :)

              2. How would you compare Shunji and Yamakase in style and price?

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                1. re: revets2

                  shunji, at least $125 per and up. generally, but you can also possibly spend about $65 if you are very very very careful. but essentialy yeah about $125 bucks and up maybe slightly lower, and usually unless you are a Falstaffian trenchermen, the bill will hover up to $185 or $200 before tip.

                  yamakase, on the other hand, will start at a minimum of about $200 and work its way up from there. though i don't think it will go over $275.

                  this is all before tax and tip, mind you.

                2. what's the starting point for Urasawa these days ????

                  and it sounds like none of you heavy hitters have been hitting it up the past few months ?

                  unless i missed it.

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                  1. re: kevin

                    $395 I believe. Don't think there's a starting point at Urasawa though - just the same for everyone.

                    1. re: chrishei

                      you've hit it up ?

                      any recent posts on it ?

                      thanks man.

                      1. re: kevin

                        I went to Urasawa for my birthday in March 2012, so not very recent (it was $375/person back then). I think they raised it to $395 early this year.

                        I did go to Shunji last night though...

                        1. re: chrishei

                          Damn. So hate you right about now.

                          I almost want to go tonite but I can't quite afford it just yet or rather justify it.

                          1. re: kevin

                            Then just look at these photos for now (last 30 or so were last night's dinner)...


                          2. re: chrishei

                            For you was it ten times better than Shunjis ????

                            1. re: kevin

                              Nope. It's probably my fave meal to date, but my meals at Shunji are all in the same tier as that meal (and 3x cheaper too).