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Aug 9, 2013 09:04 AM

AQ or bar tartine? [San Francisco]

headed up to the bay area next weekend to celebrate my birthday with family (yay!) and have standing reservations at both AQ and bar tartine. i tried to get rich table and frances, but both weren't able to accommodate 6 of us at a reasonable time.

i can only choose one, so thoughts on which i should go for? we're all pretty flexible in terms of food, but we don't want to break the bank (hence no benu). i prefer small plates, but a few others in our party prefer the single entree, if that makes a difference. also ease of parking could factor in...


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  1. Parking's much easier around AQ.

    1. I didn't love either (AQ better than BT) but I liked the atmosphere better at AQ. Seems like it would be more celebratory. Sitting near the prep area was cool.

      1. Ate at AQ this past Saturday night, 8/10. 5 of us celebrating wedding anniversaries and a birthday. We had the tasting menu, which was recently updated from what they show online, "summer herbs", to "summer colors" (also the price increased slightly from $68 to $72). We didn't opt for the pairing as we brought our own wine. However, they waived the corkage ($25/bottle) for both bottles because we purchased a bottle of champagne to start our meal with. The meal itself was amazing with each course building on the next to complete a greatly satisfying and delicious feast. Service was attentive and professional, but not over-bearing. I attached a picture of the amuse that we all thought was a perfect way to start our meal showing each of the colors of summer we'd be presented with: White,Yellow,Red,Green,Orange,Purple.

        Haven't had a chance to try Bar Tartine yet, although it's on our list, but definitely would recommend AQ for a great celebratory meal especially if everyone is in for the tasting menu!