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Aug 9, 2013 08:57 AM

Queen Anne rumors?

There's quite a few old threads over the years on rumors of new dining coming onto QA Ave as places open/close but nothing recently. Anyone have new rumors they know of for the open spaces (old Pasta+Co, old Julia's/Emmer+Rye, old Tully's/TeaPot, old Calva Cafe, the new Trader Joe's building)?

What about people's thoughts on what's missing? I have secret hopes for good Greek, Indian and/or Ethiopian place. Anything but pizza.

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  1. We're no longer in QA (now West Seattle), but I still occasionally check the Queen Anne View.

    Sadly it looks like they only mention one new spot...

    The Masonry:
    (Pizza I know, but they'll have growlers, which seemed missing from QA when we were there.


    In terms of Greek, have you tried Panos Kelftiko? We only went a couple times but I recall that it fulfilled our craving for Greek.

    1. The top of the hill needs Vietnamese, a solid Japanese place (the new Sushi Samurai is decent but very limited), prepared food for the occasional night you need takeout but don't want pizza or Thai (like Pasta & Co.), SALADS (like Chop't/Sweetgreens). I would also love oysters/shellfish, and in my dreams lower Queen Anne draws a fraction of the fun and interesting grownup stuff like you can find in Capitol Hill and Ballard. I have always felt like lower QA is a huge missed opportunity, culinarily—and never more so than when my parents, who have limited mobility, tried to find a place to eat within a couple of blocks of the opera. (I sent them to Panos Kleftiko, which they liked, but what else?)

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      1. re: sweetpotater

        A salad place (or salad bar) would be a great addition. I was really hoping a grocery store with a salad bar and bulk food bins would have taken over the MetMarket space instead of Trader Joes. Ballard/Central Market like place would have done very well there.

        1. re: broksonic

          I really wish the Safeway would do something about their selection. If they tried they could really fill a niche up here. I don't think they would ever get to the salad bar level that Whole Foods is but they could come close. Their meat selection also is very subpar. We won't even touch on their check-out lines.

          I really feel like grocery stores need to cater to the neighborhoods they are in. QFC in the Village has done this in an extent with the larger offering of Kosher/Jewish items. You see this in stores that have larger Mexican aisles/Asian offerings. Our Safeway doesn't even have a bakery on site!

          1. re: venice4504

            And the QA was sorely lacking on Passover, a shame given how many Jews I know in the neighborhood. I won't buy meat there either.

      2. You mean the New University Village West? QA Ave. is bleeding out its character faster than it can be transfused. Targy's is about all that's left on the whole hilltop...

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        1. re: kaleokahu

          Are you serious? There's a 7-Eleven, Safeway, and Trader Joe's, but other than that no chains, lots of little local shops, not the best food in town but as neighborhoody as any other neighborhood in the city. Whereas University Village is any mall in America plopped outside.

          1. re: sweetpotater

            I'm referring more to the creeping architectural blight being imposed upon poor QA. It's happening all over town, too.

            1. re: kaleokahu

              Oh, agreed, the new architecture is awful ... everywhere. Hopefully some of these ugly lookalike buildings will at least house some deliciousness on the ground floor to mitigate it for us.

              1. re: sweetpotater

                Way too much brass, glass and flash. We're losing old Seattle and way too quickly!

                1. re: sweetpotater

                  Hi, SP:

                  Not only is the architecture awful, but what it represents (the shoulder-to-shoulder mixed-use regime) is driving the establishments with character away. The battles of Ballard and Alki have already been lost, with many cultural treasures (e.g., the Viking, Alki Tavern) pushed out.

                  Oftentimes what goes back into the street-level retail spaces isn't very Chowish.

                  When I am Emperor, there will be an edict that affords certain businesses a qualified legacy status and incentivizes preservation.


                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    Folks, we hope you'll focus more on the chow and less on the architecture in this conversation. Thanks!

          2. Just announced. The old Pasta and Co will be a Cupcake Royale.

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            1. re: klsalas

              Blech. I already miss that Pasta and Co..... so sad that folded.

                1. re: venice4504

                  Yeah, what Chase did to the old Costa's Opa space in Fremont ought to be charged as a crime...

                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    1. Why do we need so many bank branches? Doesn't everyone (especially in an affluent neighbhorhood like QA) bank online?

                    2. Our upper QA sugar glut continues. Didn't two cupcake places already fold a block away? Let me count: Molly Moon's, the smoothie place, Le Reve, Menchie's, more cupcakes, and some other things I'm forgetting for sure. What a waste of that space, IMHO.

                    1. re: sweetpotater

                      Don't forget Macrina.

                      I've never understood the bank thing. All the ones on the hill I pass never have anyone in them. Such huge overhead.