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Aug 9, 2013 08:38 AM

Fall planting.

What will you be planting for fall harvest? I plan to pull up the green beans and plant beets, turnips, arugula, kale and swiss chard. The green beans must have read my mind. It's like they are trying to rejuvenate themselves.

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  1. what zone are you in? If I plant green beans now, I need to use a low tunnel to protect them from a mid-sept light frost (zone 5 north). I am so far behind that I planted my beans and cukes late so haven't had any yet. I planted parsnips a week and a half ago. They need 110 days but even if I get small parsnips, that will be ok. Not sure how much they will grow before October. I need to get some lettuce planted as well as chard, beets, carrots and kale. Lucky me has a high tunnel!!! We had spinach all winter so I'll be planting spinach too.

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      I'm in zone 6. I'm not planting beans now. I plan to pull up the ones I planted in spring to plant the fall stuff. It is going to be hard to pull them though since they seem to have gotten their second wind. I have never used tunnels. Too lazy, I guess.

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        Extending the growing season has become a challenge for me. I have both of Eliot Coleman's books. My husband's family had a large garden for many years but they always planted everything all at once (probably on Memorial Day weekend) so I'm surprised that it has taken so long for gardeners in the US to do some season extending techniques as well as succession planting. I don't want to can a lot of things, I want them fresh. I've had spinach winter over and last year had carrots under straw. Too bad my husband doesn't care for things like kale but I grow some anyway.

    2. Just planted more lettuce, beets, pak-choi, radish, chard, kale and carrots.
      Have to sneak in some more basil--my wife just raided my crop for a recipe she was making.
      And need to pick up more spinach and arugula seed, I ran out.
      And a week ago, I actually planted more green pole beans. I'm hoping they will yield a crop in late September when my current bean harvest has petered out.
      (I'm in Z6 also.)

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        1. re: MrsJonesey

          Did get one crop out of them before frost.

      1. Broccoli does well here (northern zone 5) when planted in the fall. Those nasty cabbage worms are gone!!

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          I should plant broccoli and cauliflower. Those nasty cabbage worms are the reason I don't bother in the spring.

          1. re: MrsJonesey

            Same here. Planting in the fall is a great idea! I'm going to have to order some seeds.

        2. I have Swiss chard seeds and I think some lettuce seeds. My beans have done well through the summer so I'm just going to let them keep on going.

          1. I'm getting ready to put in another round of tomatoes and beans right now (zone 9.) Beets, kale, chard, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots will go in as soon as it cools down a bit (we're still around 100 degrees.)

            While I'm waiting I'm building and filling a few more raised beds. The current tomatoes, eggplants and peppers have shown no sign of slowing down so it looks like nothing will be ready to be pulled to make room for something else. The herb garden has been less productive so it's time to dig more compost in.

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              Well, I was jealous until I read about the 100 degree temperature. I finally got some planting done today, about a week later than I planned. I pulled up the green beans. There was so much beetle larvae and eggs that I put all the plants in black plastic bags. I figure that's several thousand potential beetles that won't be around next year. That is, if the raccoon doesn't tear open the bags before the cooking process is done.