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Aug 9, 2013 08:17 AM

Salem, NH - Methuen, MA Food News

Posts for news about new food stores, restaurants, opening & closing in and around Salem, NH, Methuen areas including the Merrimack River Valley.

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  1. A new plaza has been annouched in Methuen on Broadway next to Malen MIlls- the new plaza will have a 71,000 space for a "grocery store".
    Thiis will be exciting- a small grocery store- it could be a TJ's, McKinnon's, or a Price Rite?

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    1. re: windward

      Any updates on this? I don't know if a TJ's would come to Methuen (too blue collar?) but I would love a downtown "alternative" to the Loop/the MB on the Merrimack River side of town.

      1. re: pinehurst

        Have not heard. Have not seen any updates in the Eagle Tribune.
        NOt sure a MB would come to that space as it is a smaller lot, even though Mathuen despratley needs a new MB!!

    2. It looks like Balducci's wood fired pizza will be expanding into the ajoining space in Salem. They are going before then planning board for approval.

      Also the Flaming Kabob in Salem has been "on vacation" for most of the summer.

      1. was at the loop the other day and cause I wasn't driving I was able to look around.
        the bugabo was shuttered and in the middle of a major renovation. the sign posted was for Santana Rae's.
        A chain I'm guessing but haven't heard of it before.

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        1. re: grumpyspatient

          I actually know the family that owns it. It's not a chain, and they just purchased the location. The owner has managed and owned restaurants in the past, and the family has lived in the Caribbean before moving to the states years ago. It's a Mexican restaurant, and the namesake comes from the owner's daughter. I've heard good things but haven't been yet.

          1. re: attridgee

            Good to know, will have to check it out.

          2. re: grumpyspatient

            Parking lot has been empty and there are signs in the doors and windows that it has closed

          3. The Salem Farmers Market is now open on Wednesdays- located at The Tuscan Kitchen.
            Sundays still at Lake St Garden Center.

            1. Just tried the new "Butch's Uptown in Haverhill.
              Loved it!! A great space and perfect menu. A mix ot Italian and seafood.
              I can not wait to go back and try more items. Prices are very good too!!