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Aug 9, 2013 06:44 AM

Atlantic City trip review

Thanks all for the suggestions. I stayed at the Water Club for the five days I was there, simply for the convenience. All I can say is that it was "Ritz Carlton" prices with low end motel amenities! Filthy, stained chairs, bugs in my room, inoperable shower, broken furniture. I could go on about the service, but that's for the management to respond to. I took pictures so the management would not have any choice but to close that room, and possibly a few more.

Now to the food.

After a long trip and a mess of a room, I went to Bobby Flay's. I know, I was told to skip it, but my fiends raved about it. I should have listened to the chowhounds. Service by the more flamboyant bartender was nonexistent. Long wait for my martini, oysters that were meh, and one was actually bad, and a lobster and filet skewer that was over cooked and chewy. I might add that my food came so quickly that it was a rush job. Second martini took forever, so long that the guy next to me said something. The other bartender did his best picking up the slack from Mr. Bartender for the high rollers, men and couples. Single females should not bother sitting down at his bar. After traveling most of my life on business, it was obvious where his mindset was.
The next day was another long day, which included a good deal of driving, but I found a restaurant in Beesley's point to sit down and catch my breath. I can't speak to much of the food, since I ordered a Bloody Caesar and a dozen oyster's Rockerfeller. Good cocktail, good oysters, local and fresh, and wonderful service. Not cheap, but certainly a decent price. I'll go back there again. Patio bar was closed, but the view was great from my seat at the window.

I know, I spent too much time eating at the hotel, but circumstances didn't allow me to venture too much. I ended up trying Wolfgang Puck that evening, courtesy of a Housekeeping Department certificate for $50.00. While it didn't cover the tab, service was outstanding, I wanted a burger and not much else, but not only was the burger huge, accompanied by really fabulous bread and butter (I'm originally from Europe) but the salad on my plate, as well as the fries where just way more than I could eat, but excellent nevertheless. Kudos to the waiters who served me and made me feel so much better after a very emotional day. I even had the chocolate soufflé at the suggestion of the waiter. One of the best I've had.

The Old Homestead: some people may say it's expensive, but a single, small female dining alone would tell you there was value for that tab. Martini, 10 ounce filet, half a dozen oysters did not set me back as much as you would expect. The service was great, after my initial annoyance at being told there were no tables for one and seeing men, with no reservations, ( yes I asked them if they were walk ins) seated at the tables. I was seated at the kitchen counter, and found it entertaining and fun! The food was as good as I remembered it to be in NYC, and I would recommend the place. The hostess was very apologetic when I mentioned to her that single females, dining alone, are often even better tippers than men, and she should remember that next time a single female came in.

As to activities, well, except for some inconsequential gambling, I spent time on Brigantine beach, clean and nice. I also took a ride on the Fishfinder, a fishing charter, not to fish, but to experience what my brother had seen when he was alive. Wonderful owner, great first mate! The people who were fishing, kids included, had a ball!!!!! Lots of excitement, laughter and awe. Next time I will fish, and next time I may rent a house so I can cook the flounder I may catch.

I did not get to Whitehouse, or Knife and Fork, but will keep them in mind, since I am going back soon.

I did stop at a couple of beachside restaurants for oysters and fries, names elude me now, this is a long post.

On my way out of town, I stopped in Pleasantville, for dim sum and again, really good authentic food, good service, a place I would recommend for anyone who loves their dim sum.

Overall, Don't bother staying at the Water Club if you don't gamble, and ask if the rooms are habitable. The spa at the Water Club seemed not to be accessible by mere mortals, I went to the Borgata side for a manicure and hair appointment . So so. Nice people, not great results.

Btw, boardwalk was ok, but not what I expected. It may have been my mindset too.

Apologies for any spelling or grammar errors, I was in a bit of a hurry to post this, since you were all so timely with your suggestions.

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  1. Nice review...sorry to hear about the Water Club....I have never experienced your concerns, although my most recent trip was last December.

    You certainly like your Oysters....

    1. I stopped reading after the part where you skipped Whitehouse Subs. Also should have gone to Knife and Fork.

      Wolfgang Pucks I highly recommend.

      Better luck next time. You'd have been better off staying at the Trop.

      1. Let me know if you like oysters, maybe I can recommend a few places if your a fan of them.

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        1. I stayed at the Revel last weekend. While there's a lot about the place that isn't to my preference, the room was very nice. The only food I tried was a burger at Whiskey Village. It was overpriced, but good.

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          1. re: ebchower

            I have to be back there before the end of summer, I may stay there instead. Thanks for the heads up.

            1. re: Beachwalker

              I never had a problem with a room at Borgata, but it's been several years since I stayed there and it may be starting to show its age after ten years.

              They are also much more generous with comps than Revel. We stopped there on the way in and on the way home for comped buffets (three adults.) Even though I gave Revel plenty of action, they didn't give me nearly enough for a free meal. I'm sure its due to their insolvency.

              1. re: ebchower

                I think you are right. It needs a facelift and some upgrading.

                1. re: Beachwalker

                  Been to the Water Club twice. First as a refugee from Hurricane Sandy, and again in the spring. Loved the room both visits. Marble sit in shower with heavy rain showerhead. Pool on high floor with cool view. Going back next week. Not heavy players but room is comped. Will report back, maybe with some pics. Mandatory White House sub and Little Saigon.

                  1. re: phantomdoc

                    I have pics too, they speak volumes. Do let me know what room you occupied and how clean and workable everything was. I would be happy to compare.

            2. re: ebchower

              I am sorry to hear about your room. That sounds horrible.
              I have stayed at the Water Club quite a few times and never had any of the issues you had. The rooms were always clean and never had an issue with things not working.

              1. re: NJfoodLover

                Thanks. I don't think my standards are too high, but at $349 a night, I do not want to sit in a chair with black streaks on it, lol, not the pattern either. But it was conveniently located for what I needed. If I stay there again, since I have to go back to AC, I think they will clean up their act, no pun intended. I'm waiting for a reply from management. My visit there was for five days, and other than the problem with my room, I can say the people were friendly and helpful, the oysters delicious, and the ocean was calming.

                1. re: Beachwalker

                  I was there the 27th-29th. My camera battery died after taking some pics after being rear-ended at a stop sign. Room 2778 was totally good. Everything clean and new looking. Good King bed. Love the marble sit down shower with Rain/handheld shower-heads. Outdoor pool was open on Tuesday and Thurs., closed on Wednesday because of weather. Had the buffet breakfast both mornings mostly because Mrs. Doc likes a big breakfast and wanted my company while eating it. Had the omelette man make me a lox and onion omelette when i brought the lox from the cream cheese and lox area. I found nothing to complain about. Saw Edgar Winter for free at the Revel and won $300 there. Ready to plan our next trip. Little Saigon had its wonderful curry dark meat chicken #85. Had to take White House sub to go. Took Mrs. Doc to visit her sister in Philadelphia before going home to Long Island.

                  BTW room was comped all three visits.

                  1. re: phantomdoc

                    Sorry to hear about your accident. You must stay there often. Sounds as if it was a good trip. I may give it another chance, since your reviews have been so positive. I don't gamble more than a few dollars, so I doubt I will ever be comped. Thanks for your suggestion for Vietnamese food too.

            3. Last week the family and I stayed at the Golden Nugget and decided to cancel reservations at Knife and Fork in favor of a less expensive option. The wife was busting my chops that I was losing too much in the casino to eat at a 4-$ restaurant. So we ended up at Atantic City Bar & Grill. Five of us ate for $105 including tip, and the food was decent. Buffalo shrimp impressed: large and tender. Stuffed clams, Filet Mignon, and chicken parm were average. Service was fast and friendly, and restaurant was well kept. The second night we went Tony's Baltimore Grill, again a good budget option, for pizza and pasta. I really liked their homemade pizza ($9 for a 12" plain). Crispy crust and flavorful sauce. Spaghetti with marinara sauce and buffalo wings were OK. Salad for the table as an appetizer was large with lots of onions. Bill including tip was $50 (no beers). Restaurant was a throwback to the '70s, but charming and well kept. Waitresses have all been on the job for a long time. Maybe I'll get to Knife and Fork next time, but if you need a family-friendly dinner spot, these two places can satisfy that need.