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Aug 9, 2013 06:41 AM

Great Neck - any great chow there?

What is fabulous to eat in Great Neck?

(the Great Neck threads all date from the Bush administration, although some of the places, Colbeh, are probably still open. I only get to Great Neck for private events and am totally ignorant of the restaurant scene)

Which places have great food, anything pizza to foie gras.

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  1. i like colbeh a lot, but its simple and basic, many are very into the great neck incarnation of chosen, but after growing up in bayside and eating flushing chinese food, im not a big fan of kosher chinese food in general, and chosen even more so, though they do do a pretty good poo poo platter

    everfresh- one of the persian supermarkets, oddly has really good take out sushi and its been onsale B2G1 for like a year and a half, i am really picky abt sushi, i hate that preservativey taste that a lot of the places out in queens have, and im really obnoxious abt fish and fresh-ness and theirs is my top

    and then theres a lot of OY, even for dougies, i was kinda horrified by the GN dougies, flavors are odd even for dougies, the shish kabob fast food-y place is very inconsistent, its a place i find myself pretty often bc i meet up with former students who often dont want to spend the money involved in a colbeh, anyway, sometimes its very good, but an equal # of times its either ridiculously salty (which is hard to believe bc i like really salty) or with zero flavor

    some people are very in to chattanooga- i think their food is very good, but they have service issues like chattanooga, theyre consistently out of every item i came for

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      I'm not sure I understand your last sentence: "they have service issues like chattanooga," because I'm not sure who "they" refers to. Let me just mention here that the hubby and I had a lovely dinner at Chatanooga tonight. If your post was trying to say that you had service issues there, I must say we had amazing service. Our waiter was very helpful explaining a number of things on the menu, and even went out of his way to bring an unexpected free appetizer of tah deeg with samples of two different stews I was asking about so I could see the difference. But, delicious as they both were, once I had them, I decided to order something totally different for a main course. We had ordered two other appetizers, gondi and haleem bademjon, which were also great. I am not an eggplant lover usually, but the haleem bademjon (described on their menu as "smashed eggplant with seasoned tomato paste, garlic, and herbs") was so good. I wasn't in love with the kabob I wound up with for my main course (not bad, just not great), but my husband's fesenjon was so tasty. Only disappointment was the slice of cake . . . very pedestrian and parve tasting. The selection of baklava was a far better dessert choice . . . again my husband got that one right as well! The owner told the waiter to bring us tea with dessert, on him, which was nice as well.

      This was our first time there in probably three or four years, and I was concerned that maybe it was not going to be as good as it was back then, but I actually found the service more helpful, and the food just as good.

      1. re: shoelace

        Everfresh is NOT a Persian supermarket. It is owned by Pomegranate in Brooklyn. Out of necessity it does carry some Persian specialties to cater to the population. In the same vein is Shop Delight.
        Unfortunately, other than the multiple Persian restaurants, Grill Time, Chosen and 3 pizza shops, there is not much else in the way of Kosher dining.

      2. Since the powers that be shut down TLV, home of the amazing Israeli bahn mi sandwich, I have no restaurant recs. However there is a fantastic Middle Eastern (Kosher) market/grocery store called "A to Z" on Middle Neck Rd that is worth checking out. Amazing selection of nuts, pastries spices and other goodies and a particular treat if no such market exists in your local neighborhood.
        And if you eat non-meat in non-kosher restaurants, Lola (which is owned by MIcheal Ginor, the Israeli chef who owned TLV and is also located on Middle Neck Rd) is my favorite LI restaurant for reasons that will be clear to you if you choose to dine there.