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Aug 9, 2013 05:35 AM

East Dumpling House Rockville - New Find

Having benefitted from the advice of those on Chowhound, I am posting a recommendation on East Dumpling House since no one has reviewed it yet. I got this recommendation from some very critical local foodies and they were proven right. With Bob's XLB not much in service and food, A&J food on a slow slide, Mama's work on the pike having service issues, MW in Travila having too much MSGs, going to Michaels/Joes/66 becomes a boring rotation, this is a refreshing new place aside from the great Shanghai XLB place next to 270. East Dumpling house is situated on Washington Blvd. Their dumpling is okay...per my taste (frozen ones from Wei Chuan are much better if you don't let it burst during cooking). But they have amazing kabobs (lamb and chicken leg comes to mind.) They make their own soy milk and soft tofu. While the sweet soft tofu doesn't compare to those silky ones you find in Cantonese places (I can't find ones making them in MD!) the salty tofu is great. Mind you that it's not BIG spicy and salty like Grace Garden or Joes Noodles types, but the flavors are excellent and delicate. They have hand made noodles, again, flavors very delicate and noodles excellent in texture. The small dishes are excellent, the egg plants and the "large cellophane noodles" did it for me. Full of flavors. It's a tiny place and I may regret in posting this, but I figure return a favor and get some activities going on this board. Please let me know what you think.
Anxiously awaiting the new Taipei Café on the pike to open. Doubt it will be Taiwanese Taiwanese but well....

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  1. Lover their lamb kabobs, but their dumplings aren't up to Mama's at China Bistro.

    1. While I completely disagree with your issues with Bob's, A&J, and China Bistro, I agree that the kabobs and tofu dishes at East Dumpling House are worth searching out.

      1. Finally got to try East Dumpling House. We ordered:

        Soft bean curd appetizer with seasoning (very simple, nice)

        Ja jiang mian, homemade noodles in bean paste sauce ( v. good noodles, sauce ok)

        Homemade bean curd, spicy (excellent dry fry)

        Lamb kabobs (tiny morsels, better executed than panda gourmet in DC)

        Wontons in red hot sauce (completely submerged in oil)

        The wrapper for the wonton is stretchy and gummy, like a rice flour wrapper. A bad version.

        Overall a nice alternative in Rockville with an interesting mix of items.

        1. I just went here and found the "hot popcorn fried chicken" pretty extraordinary -- this seemed like a somewhat contemporary take on the famous Sichuan dish, quite spicy and with generous portions.

          The szechuan hand-made noodles were wonderful.

          The potstickers, ironically, were the least interesting part of the meal, with quite a heavy skin.

          All in all I found this place up there with Panda Gourmet for fine food and much better than A&J which I thought was quite disappointing.

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            What kind of hand-made noodles were these?

          2. Update. It seemed that the ownership may have changed a while back. The food quality has slipped as the place became busier. The okay service got worse. What can I say.... I don't go there anymore. Still, an additional choice for food.

            Taiwanese chicken is probably best at Jumbo Jumbo. For authentic taste, tell them to leave out the hot powder. But maybe the hot powder suits the American or Mexican palate.