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Aug 9, 2013 05:35 AM

Way-too-specific question: Rioja's artichoke pasta

I'm headed to Denver and I'm planning to eat at Rioja (unless someone suggests a great Sunday night prix fixe deal or other option - see question here: )

Based on Yelp reviews, people LOVE the artichoke pasta, and it does sound great. But, I don't love truffle oil. I don't hate it and wouldn't need them to leave it out or anything. But it's definitely not a positive for me, so if what people are actually LOVING when they're LOVING that dish is the truffle oil, then it's not the dish for me.

Any thoughts - is it the truffle oil that makes that dish? Or would even someone who's not too fond of truffle oil love that dish?

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  1. It is listed as truffle "essence" and is not a dish drowning in truffle oil if that is what you fear. The pillowy stuffed pasta itself and the broth is what shines. The good news is that you can purchase a smaller portion so you get a taste (in case it is not for you or you want to have room to sample more of the menu). Another classic is the fresh bacon with garbanzo bean puree to start. I love to cook, but I have looked at the recipes in Rioja's cookbook for these and they are so labor intensive that it's far easier to just go there and have them...Except they always have new dishes that sound interesting. They also do tasting menus on request and you could ask if they'd include a taste of the artichoke tortellini.

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      Thanks again rlm! I'll update in the other thread...