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NEW: Tenroku Sushi with conveyor belts in SF Japantown - any reports?

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Walking by I noticed new Tenroku Sushi has conveyor belts to move the sushi in SF Japantown. Any reports?

EaterSF mentions it:

Tenroku Sushi
1825 Post St Ste 215, SF

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  1. Have you been to Sushi Raw, and did you like it? Can't imagine that the quality here will be any better.

    1. I have been there 3 times since it opened and frankly was a little surprised. Despite the sterile, surreal ambiance, the fish was pretty good on all occasions--nothing to rave about, but perfectly decent and fresh. If it happens to be slow and there isn't a lot on the belt, one can always order from the menu. There are several non-sushi items that are okay as well. Service is a little too attentive though (almost as if the four waitresses were on invisible conveyor belts of their own). Perfect place for a quick snack and without the questionable hygiene and low quality fish found at the "boat" place in the same mall (how often DO they change that water?).

      1. Hum, taking a quick glance at the images on yelp, I see they are serving escolar. Are they selling it as such, or passing it off as toro or "white tuna"?

        1. It's what you'd expect from a conveyor belt sushi place. A bit pricey but par for the course in sf. It satisfies a craving and that's about it.

          1. The name "Tenroku" certainly does not give the impression of sushi. Tempura, perhaps, but it sure doesn't sound like a place for sushi.

            1. Tried out the pretty new Tenroku in SF J-Town. It's a conveyor belt sushi bar kinda place with chairs all around the bar & 1 table inside, some tables outside.

              Got seated right away & just picked the dishes we wanted & we are eating!

              There's face towels before you start. Hot tea given. Wasabi & ginger given to you almost as soon as you are seated.

              Dishes we got. No names given, so what I think they are:

              ikura nigiri
              Some fancy looking roll
              White tuna looking thing
              Uni nigiri
              Chopped up tuna looking thing
              hamachi w/ monkfish liver
              scallop nigiri
              fatty tuna looking nigiri
              another of the fancy looking roll

              lids put aside and wait person will pick up.

              Prices are by plates which you stack up:
              Blue $6
              Yellow $7
              Green $4
              Purple $4.5
              Red $5.5
              Other plates can be anywhere from $3-$12.

              Our total before tip $48.40 for 2 ppl. Charge it. I liked it, might go back one day.