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Need ideas for my Panini Grill.

Fathers Day I received a Panini grill from my kids. Aw.. great, maybe I`ll use it. Use it every day. But tired of ham and cheese and PB&J. And my youngest eats no meat. I should say it makes the best grilled cheese with out oil/butter ?

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  1. Bananas & strawberry jam

    1. my friend tried haloumi in a sandwich press, and it was lovely.
      In NZ, one of the ultimate 'toasties' is onion, cheese and pineapple.
      Oh Yeah.

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        With haloumi you want to griddle the cheese separately and then press it into a sandwich (add roasted red peppers and chimichurri).

      2. My favorite:

        Vine ripened tomatoes
        Fresh Mozzarella
        Fresh Basil.

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        1. Grill some nice fresh asparagus spears, works great.

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          1. Split open a baguette and butter the inside insert sliced brie and good ham. Grill until cheese is melted.

            You're welcome.

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              Brie and sliced pear or apple is also yummy.

            2. Grilled tuna with cheese, a/k/a tuna melt! Tomato basil and mozz is good as well.

              1. I had this amazing panini in a restaurant a few years ago, and just had to recreate it: sourdough bread + roasted turkey breast + sharp cheddar + sliced Granny Smith apple + apricot chutney or preserves. You could probably leave the turkey out for your youngest...

                1. Pimiento cheese and sliced tomato (my lunch today)
                  Leftover grilled veg -zucchini, red pepper, onion- + tomato
                  PB, banana, crispy bacon
                  I use up a lot of dinner leftovers this way, plop it on some bread, add some sauce or cheese, and press.
                  I will also admit to making a Snickers panino once. Ok, more than once. Add extra peanuts, and OMG.

                  1. Take two Boboli individual crusts. Oil the grill slightly. Fill with any number of things -- I've used pizza-type fillings; Italian sausage with peppers, onion, and provolone; Philly cheesesteak mixtures. Etc. Grill as a Panini. Cut into quarters and serve.

                    1. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, veggies, hamburgers, any meat you would grill. If it can be grilled or cooked in a skillet a Panini grill will work. Lay it flat, put the grease catcher cups out and start cooking.

                      1. Well, if the plates are well seasoned and won't stick, my sense of perversity says it could be great fun to make "stick waffles" with a panini grill. hmmm... Maybe I'll have to buy one to find out. '-)

                        1. Thanks for all of the great ideas, guess it can cook meat?? huh. thought it was for sammies. Going to try veggies first.

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                            I have done steaks and fish on it too. Mine's a Cuisinart Griddler.....

                          2. There is plenty of things to try.

                            First for the kids and you

                            Pizza Panini - use light sauce to make it not be so messy. Cheese and sauce just for the little one who doesn't eat meat. Pepperoni for everyone elese.

                            Greek Veggie Panini - Red onion, green pepper, olives, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese with tzaki on the side

                            Strawberry, Banana, Nuetella Panini

                            Breakfast panini - egg and cheese, egg cheese sausage or bacon.

                            Jam Panini - Cream cheese and jam or Pepper jelly and cream cheese

                            Apples, brie and turkey panini

                            Havariti and roast beef

                            Chicken bbq sauce onions and gouda cheese.

                            Swiss Mushroom and spinach

                            Cream Cheese jalapeno slices and bacon

                            mozzarella onion pineapple and bacon

                            1. One tip for your basic grilled cheese (and most anything I make) is to put mayonnaise on the outside of the bread (top of sandwich and bottom of sandwich) before putting in the grill. You end up with nice golden brown bread, and it's super tasty!

                              I've made a scary number of things on mine. Probably the strangest was chocolate chip cookies!

                              1. roasted red peppers and provolone, perhaps with some pesto or an olive tapenade.

                                I know you mentioned no meat for your youngest, but if you're making something for yourself - cuban sandwiches fantastic.

                                scrambled egg and bell pepper

                                grill some large marinated mushroom caps on it

                                1. Just tried leftover pizza. works great !

                                  1. These are all great ideas. Thanks. I bought mine several years ago and used it a few times. Think I will get it out again.

                                    1. A few months ago I watched a video where M. Mina used his
                                      Panini grill like this.............partial boil some russet potatoes, then slice them into half-inch slabs. Wrap each slab with
                                      a half+ a little more slice of bacon. Grill until the bacon is
                                      crisp on one side. Turn and grill the other side until browned. I don't own a Panini grill but am thinking about getting one just to do this! Sounds so good. Never have I met a potato I didn't like...now add bacon and up the wow factor.