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Aug 9, 2013 12:08 AM

Fish head muscle delicacy

For fish heads, I know that the cheeks are considered the best part for many people.

But, when I was watching Andrew Zimmern's Bizzare Foods show go up to Alaska, he was eating another part of the fish head that I've never tried.

Zimmern was saying that this was the best part, and compared it to a scallop. This muscle is behind the fish head, near the collar, where it controlled the fins and necks.

Zimmern was doing this for black cods, but wouldn't every fish have the same muscle? Does anybody know what this muscle is called?

I want to learn how to dig out that muscle next time to try it. It sounded like it might be the fish equivalent to chicken oysters- something that not a lot of people know about because its harder to dig out but the taste is worth the extra work.

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  1. Never tried it. Love cheek meat from big grouper/snapper though. I will try most anything. Draw the line though on some of the live critters Zimmern eats. He must be well compensated!

    1. the wings weren't they? I thought it was salmon, but yeah that bit right behind the cheeks and by the gills. apparently makes a nice chewy roasted treat (haven't tried it yet but I hear one of my favorite sushi places in DC does it for the kitchen staff to munch on during service)