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Aug 8, 2013 11:27 PM

Yakitori Shinka - has anyone been?

Has anyone been to this place:

If so, any good?

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  1. It is good, and pleasant. I'm not much of a yakitori fan so I can't tell you where it stands in the grand scheme of things, but it's all very clean flavors, gentle saucing, exciting textures. If you go please specify that you'd like to have sashimi when you book, in which case the meat used will come from shamo freshly killed on the farm they use, and not in the processing plant, or whatever they call the place where luxury breed chickens go to die.

    Wine service does include spilling wine over a handbag and not even offering an apology.

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      Belated thank you for this. Made me want to go (I have always thought that my wife would appreciate a wine-decorated handbag), but whenever I want to book, I try to do so at fairly late notice, and it has been booked out every single time. Unless "manseki" is their way of saying that they don't like my telephone manner. Looks like it's now one of the highest rated yakitori places in Tokyo on tabelog.