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Aug 8, 2013 11:20 PM

Birthday dinner recommendations

My boyfriend are coming from New Zealand to spend my birthday in New York in September. We would love to go somewhere interesting for my birthday dinner. I especially like Greek, Asian, Modern American food but would be open to anything. There will be four of us for dinner

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  1. When in September? What day of the week?

    What is your budget, per person, per meal, BEFORE tax, tip, wine/drinks/etc for your meal? It is much easier for us to help you if you give a pre-tax-and-tip figure.

    Note that popular places tend to book about a month in advance. Most upscale restaurants serve weekday lunch (but not weekend lunch), and serve dinner Monday through Saturday, and are usually closed Sundays, though there are a few exceptions to the "closed Sundays" rule (ex: Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, Jean George).

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    1. re: kathryn

      The birthdays is on a Monday in mid September. So if we are going to book then I better get onto it. As I know things can book out pretty early.

      Budget is hard but I guess we would be looking at 60-80 per person with drinks plus tax. But would stretch for the right place.

      I guess I should have said that it would be nice to have somewhere with a bit of atmosphere too

      Any help appreciated

      1. re: Annaboyer

        $80pp for food & drinks? So cocktails? Those can run $14 each in restaurants, so 2 cocktails each will really eat into your budget.

        Can you define what you mean by atmosphere?

        1. re: kathryn

          A bit of a buzz, not too quiet. A nice fit out

          What do you think a more reasonable budget would be?

          1. re: Annaboyer

            You would need to stretch the budget a bit but you should check out The NoMad (the restaurant at The NoMad hotel NOT the restaurant Nomad). The Atrium is young and energetic with a great vibe. The food is fantastic and an incredible cocktail program.

            1. re: Spiritchaser

              Thanks! NoMad looks really good. Great menu and atmosphere

    2. Would you consider spanish? Casa mono has a great "vibe", the wines are served as a quartino- a glass and a half really, and you could do a nice selection of the smaller dishes to share.

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        Tapas are a good idea. I'll check out the menu. Thanks

      2. Check out reviews for Tulsi.

        1. Everything suggested so far is great. I would just add Louro. The food is unusual, creative and innovative. Atmosphere is lively, full of enthusiastic diners enjoying wonderful food. One of my all-time favorites. And it's not overpriced.

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