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Aug 8, 2013 07:19 PM

Innovative cooking x Romantic x attitude free....any thoughts

I hate to post this as I know it is so subjective but I have stalled out looking at 100s of posts, reading Frod's blog, Emacs elucidating posts, pages of menus and cross-referencing Yelp...I think I am gastronumb.
My wife and I will have dropped of our son at UM and she will need a soothing special night out. I am a chef and particularly annoyed with mediocre food and shallow service.
She's not into sushi or steaks. Loves a beet salad with goat cheese. follow'd by cobia with Tuscan kale with quinoa.
I'm fine with anything as long as it is done properly. That can be a ribeye or a simple pasta to tom ka gai or the best piece of salmon cooked perfectly, to mind-bending EMP dishes...
So with that said, we are looking for a dinner suggestion. We are staying in the Grove but happy to go to SoBe or other areas nearby. We've already booked LuLu's and River Oyster for other nights with the kids. Here are some of my kneejerk assessments:
Casa Tua: high marks romantic but the food quality will disappoint
Scarpetta: mixed (I've been many times in NYC) it can be variable but when they are on it is superb
Gibraltar: I cannot figure this one out
Milos: straight up 100% best fish product period, but not a lot of "cooking" going on
db Bistro: Again been at least 10 times in NYC and love their food and all db does, and have eaten Goddard's cooking in NYC but it seems odd to try db in Miami
Dutch: This is an enigma and Frod's review captures my mixed feelings. might be good in December with my brother...
All the asian/sushi stars are out as my wife isn't a big fan of ponzu and perfect sushi rice.....

So any advice would be great !

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  1. Why don't you try something like the cypress room? I have not been yet btw...

    You could also do nemesis bistro. Though it is not romantic...

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      thanks tpigeon, respect your posts alot. Don't know much about Cypress Room, but will take a look.
      Also looking at Fish called Avalon, but not much info available so if anyone's been recently please let me know. Thinking about OLA or Devon Seafood too.
      May need to drop the romantic criteria....

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        Cypress room is Michael Schwartz's (owner of Michael's Genuine and others...) high end restaurant. It fits all your requirements and I heard good things from multiple reliable sources. It is pricey but you have been to EMP...

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          If you're interested in The Cypress Room at all, this coverage from the CF should help you decide:

    2. It doesn't get a lot of mention here, but near that area is a very intimate place called Romeo's cafe that has a no-menu tasting dinner that always impressed me a lot. Back when zagat was relevant Romeo's was ranked near the top for food and service, and worth checking out.

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        Not so sure how romeo ranks on innovative but it certainly hits romantic well. I enjoyed my meal there but it was many years ago.

      2. Tuyo on the top of the Miami Culinary Institute downtown has fabulous views, excellent service and top notch food. Norman Van Aken, one of the first innovative Miami chefs, is in charge of the kitchen. They have a price fixed menu and also a Miami Spice option during August.

        The menu changes frequently but the food has been consistent and excellent. Good international wine list. It is a place for a leisurely and romantic evening if that is what you are looking for. Expensive but well worth it.

        Tuyo is at 415 NE 2nd Ave in Miami and the telephone is 305-237-3200.

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        1. re: rebus1805

          rebus, Yeah, I have been looking at Tuyo and it is intriguing. I have always liked food at the various cooking schools around the country and they are often little gems that don't get enough credit for the product they deliver.
          I have made a backup booking at Panorama for now but still thinking this through so keep the advice coming !

          1. re: Compleat Eater

            I was told Tuyo no longer has brana minding the fort. Otherwise I would have recommended it...I am unsure of how actively Van Aken is involved...