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Meeting Friend Staying Near Disneyland

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Sunday evening August 18. I'm coming from Westwood, he'll have a car but will not be at all familiar with OC geography. Come to speak of it, I'm not at all familiar with OC geography other than the 405.

Cost not that much of an issue. I don't like sushi. We'll be catching up after a long time. He lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan. I thought of Mr. Stox but alas it closed about 5 months ago.

Probably looking for a 6 p.m. reservation.

Please help a fellow 'hound.

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  1. This http://playgrounddtsa.com/ is a place I would really like to try out if I'm ever down that way.

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      Thanks, Servorg. Website menu looks interesting. What have you heard about the atmosphere? I'm wondering if it is a bit loud and raucous. Would rather not have to drive even a few extra miles back and forth to Santa Ana, but I'll put it on my list.

    2. I would also love to try Playground but for something different, how about Ma's Islamic Chinese in Fullerton?

        1. When I'm around there I usually eat in Little Saigon. I like Quan Vy Da for Hue Vietnamese food.

          Also Pioneer Blvd for dozens of good Indian spots. Surati Farsan Mart is my favorite.

          JINYA Ramen is also good for authentic ramen and Japanese dan dan noodles.

          Mind you, all these are ~15 min from Disneyland.

          1. My research so far has revealed a couple of frontrunners;

            Thai Nakorn. Any real difference between the two locations or just choose the one closer to his hotel? Favorite dishes? It bothers me their specialties on the menu list no prices.

            Park Ave. This steak/chops place is headed by David Slay, who had restaurants in St. Louis near the start of his career, where both of us hail from. Go Cards! Sister restaurant Il Garage is italian. Anyone been?

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              i've heard park ave is good, and a few years back when it first opened the prices for well-prepared fine dining food in a casual setting was really really really reasonable.

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                Some hounds seem to think the Garden Grove location is slightly better but both are pretty good. The specials prices are in line with the rest of their menu. No ridiculous outliers.

                A particular fave is the mango salad with the popcorn bits of catfish.

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                  When we make it to Thai Nakorn, we usually go to the Stanton one. We do like the beef tongue dish.

                2. How about The Ranch ?

                  I think a few hounds really like that joint.

                  Or Merri's Pizza and Italian, though that is considerably more casual.

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                  1. re: kevin

                    kevin, thanks. Googled the Ranch and they have a detailed website. if he was a she the dance lessons on Sundays might be fun. sounds like you haven't been? added to my list.

                    1. re: nosh

                      They do sex change ops in Fantasyland.

                      No kevin, not really.

                      1. re: PeterCC

                        "no kevin, not really" --- What ?

                        I thought some of the hands liked the food at The Ranch (not to be confused with the additional atmoshere of line dancing). seirously, they did like the food.

                        1. re: kevin

                          Sorry. I was just jokingly trying to head off any potential "Sex change ops???" reply.

                          1. re: PeterCC

                            i see.

                            now i got it.

                            you mean in reference to fantasyland performing sex changes ????

                            yeah, i think old walt might just roll over in his grave on that one.

                      2. re: nosh

                        i think besides the dance lessons, the food is supposed to be good.

                        i think it was our esteemed colleague, porthos, that seemed to like it.

                        but anyhow, no worries. yeah, i haven't hit it up myself.

                        usually if i'm in the area, i end up in santa ana or the tustin areas.

                        if you want recs for there, i'd be more than happy to oblige.

                        but if you want to do local, then both napa rose and the ranch will suffice quite nicely.

                          1. re: OCSteve

                            It seems overall a lot of hounds really liked it.

                      3. OK, my friend has chimed in and he is interested in Vietnamese, particularly Brodard. I go to the website and see a Brodard Chateau -- where I've made a tentative Open Table rez -- but also an offshoot -- Nuc Nuong or something like that -- or two.

                        Anyone been? Favorite dishes? Particular location?

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                        1. re: nosh

                          Brodard Chateau is a fine choice. Egg rolls, nem nuong, banh xeo, and pho ap chao with crispy noodles are my favorites.

                          1. re: jaykayen

                            I'm having difficulty differentiating between the various Brodards. There is Brodard Chateau. Then there is Brodard, which also seems to go by the name of Nuc Nuong? How much further from Disney is the latter? It appears to be less expensive and may have bigger portions?

                            Is one recommended over the other(s)?

                            1. re: nosh

                              Brodard Chateau is closer to Dland and I recommend it over the original Brodard if you don't speak Vietnamese. Chateau is also much nicer and less crowded, well worth the extra $1. Nem nuong is the specialty of the house.

                              1. re: jaykayen

                                Thank you, jay. Now I feel reassured about my choice, reservation is made, and I can enjoy dinner with a very old friend. Since a nice steak and chop place was my original choice, we can order and sample like crazy and still spend a lot less money!