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Aug 8, 2013 03:55 PM

Casual in Westwood?

Going to the movies in Westwood this weekend, looking for a casual place to eat at with my husband beforehand. Any good recommendations? I like PJ Finnegan's but want something new. Thanks!

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  1. How about The Iron Horse? Also, if you like sushi, I've been to Sushi Village several times and enjoyed them. Good stuff, and at around $20 for AYCE, it's a good deal.

    1. Granita's a small, BYO, family owned and operated, casual place. I've gone numerous times -- very good service and good food. It's not a typical "red sauce" place -- nice specials and a good flair on traditional dishes.

      Good flavor, good taste, well prepared, etc. -- and I've always had a good meal and a good time there.

      1. Let me add a few other thoughts. One, I would stay away from Bibi'z -- yes, they are not "casual" but regardless, I went there once and that was more than enough. I had the most terrible restaurant experience there. Sure, I could have written it off as a one-time, never again experience -- but a good friend had a very similar experience just two weeks later. Since then I've heard numerous poor reports.

        On a very positive note -- if you are looking for something a bit less casual, I would try Baci. To me, it's casual. I've worn jeans and a polo shirt there, but I've seen people in khaki's as well. Very good food. I've always enjoyed going there and each time it's been a very good meal that everyone has enjoyed. Nice bar and good drinks too.

        An alternative for a burger is Davey's, but I am sure you know that place...probably well. LOL.

        1. It's greek to me, Bibbi's, John's . Have fun but it sound's like you want bar food Iron horse only if you want stuffed burgers

          1. Bat Barry's, with "upscale pub" fare, is right next to the theater. Nice burgers and other fare. Good drinks and a good wine selection. A small step up from Finnegan's. Should suit you well.

            Iron Horse?? UGH! Has gone way downhill in recent years. After 930 they wheel plastic garbage cans past the tables. Even the heralded cole slaw is commercial variety now. Stay away.

            Baci? Ordinary Ital-American with higher than average prices. Not a good value. Banchetto Feast a better choice in this category.

            As far as casual dress, they even wear jeans and shorts to Broadway plays these days, so dining in Westwood should allow for any kind of clothing...