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Aug 8, 2013 03:11 PM

Williamsburg, VA Restaurant Recommendations

Travelling to Williamsburg mid October and looking for restaurant recommendations - everything from breakfast to pubs to fine dining.


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  1. The restaurant at the Williamsburg Inn is excellent. The lobster bisque is by far the best I've ever had anywhere.

    1. Great - that's where we're staying. Thank you.

      1. Lunch - Get a sandwich at The Cheese Shop with house dressing

        Dinner - The Fat Canary

        Breakfast - Old Chickahominy House

        1. We recently went to my father in law's memorial service in Williamsburg and had dinner at his favorite restaurant.

          1. There are 3 restaurants on Merchant's Square between the restored area and the College of William and Mary that you may want to check. All three are owned by widely accomplished and acclaimed chef David Everett. They are The Trellis, featuring American regional cuisine, Blue Talon Bistro, an authentic French bistro, and DOG Street Pub, a British pub. The Trellis and Blue Talon both serve nice, unique breakfasts, by the way. Former Williamsburg Inn executive chef Hans Schadler regularly does some great things at Waypoint Seafood and Grill. Enjoy your visit to Williamsburg.


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              This is great and extensive - thanks so much.