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Aug 8, 2013 02:58 PM

Looking for good Juicer for Leafy Greens

Already have a blender for smoothies, but I'm looking for a proper juicer for
- juicing leafy greens mainly (& some vegetable/fruits like celery/sweet potatoes/beets/carrots sometimes)
- easier to clean/maintain
- not too expensive

Had a Omega VRT 330HD and had to return it as it needed lots of prep work before juicing, also would clog up and the juice is too pulpy (though this can be taken care with a filter)

Read a little about this new Omega NC800 juicer which seems nice as it juices greens well and also is easy to clean - what do you think?
And are there better/comparable options?

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  1. NutriBullet works really well with Kale/ Spinach/ Carrots etc- but it is NOT a juicer per se, as all the pulp and fibre gets completely pulverized. Costs about $100 and worth it depending on what you need it to do. Very easy to clean too!

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    1. re: amsuka

      Already have a blender (Kitchenaid) which is not as powerful as NutriBullet, but does the job. Reason I did not choose NutriBullet is its size, needed something bigger to make smoothies for 3 at a time.
      But right now I'm looking for a juicer to make leafy greens (wheat grass, dandelion, etc) juices

    2. The Omega J8004 / J8006 juicer is much better than the VRT juicer for leafy greens and hard vegetables. It's great as long as you're not using it primarily for soft citrus like oranges. It is very easy to clean.

      I haven't used the NC800, but since it's the newest generation of the J800x line, I'd say that's probably the one to get.

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      1. re: calumin

        cool... do you have to prep veggies like celery/carrots?

        1. re: chow_rk

          I wash carrots and celery, but I don't otherwise trim or prep them.

          If the carrots are very thick, I have to cut them in half or quarters to fit them through the hole. Most organic carrots aren't too thick to fit.

      2. I have the omega VRT and find it very easy to use, but a pain to clean. I do like it and it juices leafy greens good as well as softer fruits and veggies. I hear the omega juicer that is the horizontal style, single auger, is easy to clean.

        1. Hi, rk:

          You need the advice of macguffin, one of our resident juicer gurus. Never a bum steer with his advice, which is already available on multiple threads if you search...


          1. Has anyone here use Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro?
            Amazon reviews are split...wondering how good it is and how it performs with greens!