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Aug 8, 2013 02:38 PM

Steamboat/ Chinese Hot Pot in Singapore's Chinatown

Only time for a couple of meals in Singapore. From former residents/ visitors have narrowed it down to chili/pepper crab for one and Steamboat/Chinese Hot Pot for the other. Will have our crab at Jumbos, but don't know which of the scores of Steamboat places in Chinatown's Smith, Temple, Sago St. area are worthwhile. Any recs in this area either + or - would be much appreciated.

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  1. I'm not too familiar with Chinatown's hotpot spots, but *the* place for Singaporeans to get their hotpot meal these days seems to be Liang Seah St (MRT station: Bugis), where you can find half a dozen of these restaurants within a few hundred yards. Ting Yuan is one of the better-known ones.

    Confession: I'm not really into hotpots. But my mum is, and *the* go-to place for a weekend family get-together hotpot meal is Ting Heng in Tiong Bahru ( I must have been back there two dozen times in the last 10 years alone. Its current location is more comfy (with a choice of either air-conditioned, or al fresco seating areas) compared to their sidewalk tables previously.

    1. Thanks for the "Bugis" rec, but I really need to stay in Chinatown area. I know there are numerous steamboats on the main food streets (Smith, Temple, Sago). Just looking for anyone who has eaten in any of them who could give me a thumbs up.