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Aug 8, 2013 12:33 PM

Food near Sloan-Kettering (for lunch)

I did a search but the threads are a few years old and things do change. I have friends who are coming in and need to be able to pop out for lunch and/or a nice treat (ice cream or pastry) in the neighborhood. Pizza and burgers are fine, as are other places which won't take forever.


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  1. which location? As far as i know, there are more than one location.

    1. The newish location of francois payard is on 3rd ave near 74th, a great stop for a coffee and pastry, also a selection of his macaron ice cream sandwiches.
      Across the street at maison kayser they specialize in the breads so i am sure their sandwiches would be a nice lunch. (I bought breads to go and enjoyed them)

      1. You'll have to double check it's still there, but Sotheby's at 72nd and York has/has had a very mellow rooftop cafeteria that's open to the public -sounds like it might just fit the bill for you.

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        1. re: Phil Ogelos

          We tried Sotheby's. The view is nice sitting on the terrace but in the end it's still a cafeteria with pre-made sandwiches and salads, wrapped in cellophane for your convenience.

          1. re: Brian W

            I'dunno -I'm partial to cellophane myself; and I think the quality of what it wraps in this instance is fine. Securing and eating the food there, moreover, meets the OP's criterion for a meal that "won't take forever."

            You get to eat outside, but not at street-car-exhaust-pipe levels. And, and to see some very nice art coming in and out of the space, which you can't say for the other places recommended here.

        2. j.g. melon's or Untitled in the Whitney. both are close by.

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          1. John's Pizzeria, east 64th, between First Ave and York. South side of the street. Only four to five blocks from Sloan Kettering, right up York.

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              Persepolis on Second Avenue used to be pretty reliable. Probably the only Persian restaurant in NYC with a Thai chef.
              Price fixed $25 lunch.