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Fresh Pita near Weehawken or Maplewood?

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I'm making hummus for an event his weekend and would really love to have fresh wonderful pita or Syrian bread depending on where you are from. Any ideas of sources nearby? I am going to be near weehawken and also Maplewood. Any ideas?

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  1. Odd location in Orange (looks industrial) and limited hours, but these guys have a great product: http://www.zenbakeries.com/

    1. It might not qualify as 'near,' but Maplewood is a 20 minute drive from Patterson. Patterson is basically Little Syria.

      It's been at least 5 years since I got them, but the pitas at Fattal's were astounding. The house brand tahini is amazing as well. The pitas were so good, I couldn't eat local (Morristown) pitas any more- and haven't had one since.

      As with most bakeries, time of the day is most likely a factor, so you might call and see when they're baking. I also know that some bakeries like to skip bake days during the summer, so you might want to inquire about the specific day as well.