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Aug 8, 2013 10:41 AM

Stephen Pyles vs Abacus - quick!!

So my husband is taking his surgery boards right now. I didn't make ANY plans for us! I decided to call around to see if there were any cancellations at Lucia, Stephen Pyles or Abacus.

I may have gotten ALL 3! I'm still waiting on Lucia- they were double checking with a reservation they thought was going to cancel. Obviously, if I get in there, that's an easy decision.

I currently have a spot at both ABACUS and STEPHEN PYLES. We will have plenty of future dining opportunities here so eventually we'll go to all three. But, I'm taking a poll.... If you had to choose, which would it be???


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  1. SP is a no brainer on this one.

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    1. re: air

      I'd go to SP and then stroll over to Klyde Warren Park after! Love Abacus too though.

      1. re: air

        A big second for Stephen Pyles.

        1. re: twinwillow

          Zagat and Google reviews certainly disagree with your analysis. Foursquare agrees with you but they also rate Fearing's as higher than both so you can disregard that rating. lol
          Can you tell us what dishes you have had at both restaurants that you remember so well? I am curious but nobody seems to have a specific example of WHY you choose the ones you choose. It's easier to trust an opinion when it's backed with specific examples to support it.

          1. re: neilmcginnis

            Abacus has straight up never impressed me on any dish - nothing stands out to the point where I'd want to go back, not even that seared foie gras (in fact, I've had a seared foie dish at both restaurants). If I had to choose between the two, I consider Stephan Pyles as all around the better place to eat on the basis of consistency. I've had multiple good experiences through Restaurant Week, dining on the regular menu, Fuego (with multiple chefs at the helm - Matt Mccallister, Danyele Mcpherson), and various special dinners/events. They can reliably produce a good high end dining experience if you are wanting to spend some money. There would be way too many examples to name, plus the fact that most of the standout dishes aren't available anymore due to the nature of Fuego. The high point on the regular menu to me is the ceviche bar - all are excellent and well worth doing the ceviche tasting.

            1. re: air

              Good info. I will mention that most review sites rank Abacus slightly above S.P. so take this with a grain of salt. I intend to come up with my own analysis soon.

      2. Stephen Pyles is my vote although neil mcginnis will prolly trump all of us and say how wonderful the seared foie gras is at Abacus.

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        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Jmarx keep in mind this is the guy that thought Fearings was a good idea..
          There are certainly many sources to contradict this assessment, Zagat being the least trusted source to confirm.
          No hard feelings I hope? I am just giving you a hard time I don't intend to insult although I may have inadvertently done so when vehemently expressing my opinion. Sorry.
          Can you specifically tell me what is so great at Stephen pyles?

        2. ABACUS in my opinion.. My decision is based on many reviews for both restaurants but I have only attended Abacus. I am interested in going to SP but the menu did not excite me so so far I have not made it there. Abacus is rated as the best restaurant in dallas by several sources. If you have not already been there then go to Abacus first and then SP, Zagat being one of the sources although I do not usually use them because it takes them a while to update listings. I can see that people hate me here but I honestly am interested in you having a great food experience i don't care if i make any friends : )
          But like every place what you order does matter so don't go to abacus and not try the seared foie gras and then tell me you don't like the place. The more fancy restaurants i go to the more i realize the dish has to be focused on more than the place and that will ensure a pleasant foodie experience. Everytime i go to Abacus I get free food and I never have complained about anything. They goal is to make sure you are happy and if you aren't they will make you happy. I left a review online for them raving about their food and they sent me a postcard thanking me in the mail. They really pay attention to the customer and I thought that was cool although obviously i just threw the card away.

          1. FYI
            This is aside from your current predicament but the best restaurant in Texas without question is Uchi in Austin. If you have not been then make this your goal as a foodie! No reservations and an average 2 hour waiting time but it's SO WORTH IT you will be thanking me. If you have already been then I'm sure you will agree. Afterwards stop and have a drink at 6th street's bar Parkside which is also amazing.