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Aug 8, 2013 10:35 AM


Your traditions? Pie crust or batter or biscuit dough? Bottom crust? Do you automatically think square or rectangle when you picture one? What's your fave (or un-)?

As a kid I often opted for blackberry cobbler rather than birthday cake. Rectangle, pie crust and the family cooks all used a bottom crust as well. I wish I "got" peach cobbler - even fresh peaches seem to end up tasting like canned ones in a cobbler.

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  1. What's the difference between a bottom crust cobbler and a pie?

    My taxonomy for fruit desserts goes something like this:
    Pie crust - it's a pie. Only one? It's a deep dish pie.
    Pie crust that's broken and returned to the oven? Pandowdy.
    Bread crumbs? Betty
    Biscuit topping? Cobbler
    Cooked stovetop? Grunt or slump
    Butter/sugar streusel? Crisp or Crumble (I think this is a country difference a Crisp is US and a Crumble is UK, but in my personal taxonomy a crisp has oats in the streusel and a crumble does not).
    Batter? Coffee Cake or Buckle.

    I made a pretty darn good peach and plum cobbler last weekend - I think the key is to leave the skins on the peaches - they add an acid balance that's lacking in the canned, and the texture doesn't bother me.

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      Cobblers had corners and were much deeper than pies. Serving was more casual - a spoon rather than a knife and pie server, a bowl rather than a plate. In the part of MO in which I grew up no one used anything but pie crust.

      1. re: lemons

        My great grandmother (originally from Nebraska) also made cobbler with pie crust. But I like my taxonomy better. Do you have a different name for fruit with a biscuit topping? Or do you just not make it? (Sacrilege - cobblers are awesome)

        1. re: Savour

          Biscuits are for main courses or snacks (w/ butter and cane syrup as my father preferred them). I make cobblers like a deep dish...oh, heck, brain freeze, the French free-form tarts where the crust is pulled up over some of the filling. Never used biscuit topping. (But there's a recipe for biscuit dough rolled up around a layer of fresh blackberries in my grandmother's circa- or just pre-WW II Spry cookbook that I've wanted to try.

      2. re: Savour

        Great taxonomy, Savour.

        In my world, there's two-crust pie, one-crust pie, coffee cake, shortcake (anything with biscuit) and "other" -- Betty, Cobbler, Crisp,Crumble and Buckle all merge into one with no bottom crust and a streusel-like topping of some sort.

      3. I love peach cobbler, but only my mom's. Biscuit top, no bottom, skinless peaches. It's got thick, creamy, gooey patches, and crispy, crackly, caramelized patches, and puddles of syrup. Always square or rectangular, and we all fight for the corners.

        1. In my family it was a bottom crust and a lattice top. It was baked in a square pan, and spooned out of the pan for serving. This was usually done with blackberries or peaches. You could eat it with cream or ice cream, as I recall. The is my memory of my grandmother's blackberry cobbler. Which I adored.

          1. Here is a current thread on peach cobbler:
            Reducing the fresh peach juices, regardless of method, is the key to excellent peach cobbler.

            1. it's been such weird weather this year our blackberries are not producing according to schedule-ish.

              for us - more of a biscuit batter poured over whatever fruit involved. it sinks in and the fruit floats up as it bakes. otherwise also deep and square and spooned.

              Savour - thx for the terms, always wondered about some.