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Aug 8, 2013 10:22 AM

Amba in SEA?

Anyone have an insight on where to buy amba, a savory mango pickle condiment that is popular in Israel, Iraq and the Middle East. See, e.g.: . Indian-tyle mango pickle is not a substitute. Have called The Souk and DeLaurenti to no avail.


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  1. PFI
    Ask Sabra, at Turkish Delight for ideas for sources

    1. I've seen it at the Souk before.

      Here's a Seattle food bloggers recipe, btw, to make your own:

      If you email him, he might know where you can procure..

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      1. re: broksonic

        Both The Souk and PFI sell the Sadaf brand Persian-style anbeh torshi. See

        What is the substantive difference? It seems that in the Israeli falafel scene amba is often a syrupy/liquid sauce rather than chunky pickle (but with similar spices and likely similar flavor). However, I have also seen various recipes online for "amba" which result in a chunky product. According to Wikipedia, in a manner distinct from the Indian mango pickle called achar, amba omits oil. The Sadaf product above has some amount of cottonseed oil.

      2. Georgia's is Greek, but deals in imported condiments, as does
        Turkish Delight (Persia/Iran).
        St Demetrious Greek Festival involves lots of mom and pop importers of just such goods and is worth a visit in any event.

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        1. re: mrnelso

          I just found Tazah brand "genuine amba" at Tawakal, a Somali grocery/eatery in Tukwila.

          I was reminded what a great resource this place is. They usually have freshly made chappati Somali, sambusa and other breads and savory pastries, as well as unusual meats (including camel) and a host of other hard to find middle eastern and African products. The counter inside serves cheap take-out eats similar to what is served at Marwa restaurant next door.

          15045 Tukwila International Blvd.
          Seattle, WA 98188
          (206) 439-9488

        2. The original comment has been removed